The A – Z Guide of Secure IT Disposal is a book written by Hugh Harris. In this book, he describes various methods to securely delete a password from a hard drive. He further explains ways on how you can use the information that you have on the hard drive to either a system backup or a file backup. This guide is very helpful especially if you are an employee who uses a different password for every work-related activity.

Although I am not sure about the number of times I would have needed the help of Hugh Harris, but I still bought the book to know more about the techniques that he used. Here is my A – Z Guide of Secure IT Disposal review for the book.

The main purpose of this book is to educate. Therefore, the methods outlined in the book will benefit you more than simply learning how to do the tasks you may have been already doing.

If you feel you have gotten the hang of it, you can already apply it to your business. As mentioned earlier, I thought it would be helpful to have some backup plans in case my computer crashes. I am in business and would really want to know about computer security.

There are several steps to perform after you have removed the password from the hard drive. First, run a disk defragmenter program. Once this is done, you need to copy all the files that you can from the hard drive. This is important especially if you want to get rid of the data.

Secure IT disposal

After you have copied all the data off the hard drive, you need to also format the drive so you can view all the files. You may also need to reinstall Windows or use the program Windows Key or Windows + R to open the Run box.

For how long have you been using the password files? If you have been using the same password for the past four years, you might want to change it. Also, if you do not have the key loggers, you need to have them installed as well.

After you have installed these items, how do you actually perform the task? You need to know how you can access the system. You can find instructions in the A – Z Guide of Secure IT Disposal.

Now if you still have the hard drive, you need to find out what the password is before you delete it. You can do this by writing down the number and then transfer it to a flash drive and put it into the computer where you want to access the password file.

Type in the number and you can type the letters of the password that you want to use. If you type in the right letters, you will be able to find the password.

Once you have found the password, you need to get rid of the hard drive to prevent the hard drive from being erased. Just make sure that you do not cut the cable that connects your computer to the hard drive.

You have done your part to learn how to erase data. However, it is best to follow the A – Z Guide of Secure IT Disposal to ensure that you are not stealing your clients’ confidential information.


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