wedding videography in Melbourne

Choosing the right equipment for wedding videography Melbourne

What is a Melbourne wedding without a videographer and what is wedding videography without good a camera? No, let’s rephrase that, what is wedding videography without the right camera and equipment. In an ever-changing, innovative world of video production,  where the client demands more and more from the wedding videographer knowing  who you are shooting where you are shooting and in what light you will be shooting in, for the ceremonies determines the gear you will use for the event.

Travel light and fast

My strategy for wedding videography in Melbourne is to be light with gear as far as possible and to carry as many different options so that it is easy to switch lenses stands, memory cards and stabilisation gear. For this reason, I seldom shoot with a tripod at a Melbourne wedding using a monopod instead to get the perfect static shot. Using a monopod allows me to move quickly from shot to shot and angle to angle. I keep a similar base plate on the glide cam so I can easily switch back and forth when I need to.

Choose right for the light

Wedding videography in Melbourne many a time means shooting through the day and into the night as well.  It is, therefore, a must that as a wedding videographer you are able to shoot in different light conditions. A must have for wedding videography especially in Melbourne is a  set of cameras and lenses that work well in low light conditions. I personally find the Speed booster a very useful piece of equipment to be fitted to my cameras at  a the wedding. It certainly helps me to get better low light performance from my camera and with less depth of field. Alternately if you have a camera like the Canon 5D or the Sony A7, both very versatile cameras in low lighting conditions you will get crisp frames with any noise or distortion even in very low light.

wedding videography in Melbourne

Sound sense

One very large part of wedding videography at ceremonies in Melbourne is the crowd, sometimes they can be pretty boisterous. As the ceremony progresses, in the later part of the evening when spirits are flowing and the family and friends tend  to get a bit loud. What the bride and groom are saying gets drowned in ambient sound. If you are a serious practitioner of wedding videography in Melbourne you will make sure that you capture the bride and groom’s voices separately. For this, I suggest a handheld audio recorder where you can limit or extend the radius of the audio thereby getting just what you need. This then can be later matted with your video on the edit table.

Make a list and check it twice

A very important part of wedding videography is preparing well keeping in mind the venue, lighting conditions and audio ambit. I have a basic list of equipment I use for my wedding videography in Melbourne.

My Go to camera is the Canon 5D mark III, I also carry a GoPro 4 for the wide angle shot so that everything gets captured. I find this very important as there are moments you may miss in the close up frame that get captured on wide.

A Sigma 18-35mm 1.8

Tiffen 77mm Variable ND

Metabones Speedbooster

Manfrotto Fluid Monopod with 500 Series Head

Glidecam XR-4000 stabilizer platform

Sony ICD-PX333 Digital Voice Recorder

Sun gun basic

I also keep a laptop and extra memory cards handy, you don’t want to run out of memory midway through the ceremonies.

An important thing to remember always, the quality of the equipment does not make the video.  Yes it maybe important  but in the end the experience of the person behind the camera and how he or she thinks on his or her feet and captures picture perfect moment’s makes for brilliant wedding videography in Melbourne

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