Home Coffee Machines is a product series that gives homeowners the chance to enjoy fresh coffee all the time. Days were there when coffee lovers had to visit the nearest coffee shop for a fresh coffee cup. While instant coffee can satisfy us up to some extent; it can’t fulfill all our “fresh coffee” cravings. Anyway, Home Coffee Machines are pretty affordable today, and you can buy a general one for even $30. OK, the topic that we discuss today is a different one. Our previous articles have explained buying guides and coffee maker types; hence let’s discuss repairs and troubleshooting today.

While you have bought a quality coffee machine from a reputable supplier in your city, even that product can come across malfunctions. It can be a minor fault that you can rectify by the troubleshooting guide or something serious that needs repairing. You can correct most of these malfunctions yourself. For example, if the power doesn’t come to the machine; you can check for loose wires, the plug, and the power socket. Or, the safety trip switch may have turned the product off for safety in case of overheating or wire short. But, how to deal with Home Coffee Machines critical faults? Can you deal with it yourself? Or, sending the product to the supplier or the manufacturer is the best option?

Well, if you have bought a cheaper product that cost you about $20, and you have already used for about a year; would you bother sending it to the supplier or the manufacturer? Anyway, it depends on your thoughts, but most coffee machine suppliers give a one-year warranty for their products. Which means sending the product to the supplier and get it repaired can cost you more than $20 in this case; if the warranty period is over. Hence, rather than spending more money on Home Coffee Machines repair in this case; you can consider buying a new product. Also, the prices of coffee makers have gone down over the past few years. Which means you can buy a better product for the same price that you spent on your previous coffee maker.

Home Coffee Machines

How about expensive Home Coffee Machines?

Well, you can buy home coffee makers for even $6000 today, which is undoubtedly big money. And, those robust coffee makers last for long, and they hardly come across malfunctions. Unfortunately, if you happen to come across a malfunction; the best option you got is sending the product to the supplier. Never attempt repairing it yourself as it is beyond your limits. For example, our La Marzocco Linea Mini is a home coffee machine that looks pretty similar to a mini commercial coffee maker, and we have developed it in such a way that only us can repair it. We don’t want any other parties to carry on any repairing tasks on our products other than the authorized gents. Well, not only us; almost all the reputable Home Coffee Machines manufacturer doesnā€™t want you to open their products and attempt repairing. Also, the components and parts that include in the repairing process play a top role. For example, La Marzocco products only go with our parts; hence using third-party parts and components can void the warranty too. Don’t worry though. All the reputable coffee machine manufacturers across the world repair and send the product to their customers ASAP.

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