Data Logging System

A Data Logging System — what do you know about it? This system has changed the way we used to measure and store the data of parameters of such as humidity, temperature, and water level. Measuring these parameters is critical for commercial and industrial applications. In this article, we will talk about the Data Logging System and various types of data loggers. This article will help you to understand the uses and advantages of a Data Logging System and data loggers. Let’s get started!

OK, let’s talk about the temperature first. Temperature has many effects on our lives (positive and negative.) In many industries such as food and beverage, the temperature is a critical parameter that we should monitor with a reliable system. How about the thermometer? Yes, the thermometer is the commonly used device for measuring the temperature. Many types of thermometers are there, and each type comes with advantages and disadvantages. Thermometer — would it be enough to measure and store the data? No, you can only measure the temperature with general thermometers. For industrial and commercial applications, storing the data is critical, and that is why a Data Logging System is very useful for commercial and industrial applications.

Temperature Data Logger

This data logger type is being used in many industries such as food, beverage, and many more. Well, a Temperature Data Logger is a useful device to monitor the temperature in your office and warehouse too. Why is the temperature a critical parameter? As mentioned, it has many effects on our lives. In the food industry, monitoring the temperature of food and storing areas including freezers is extremely important. Well, you can’t use a thermometer for this purpose. A  Data Logging System can automate the process, so you are stress-free about it. Let’s get to know about it a bit better with an example. How can you monitor the temperature in your commercial freezer? Can you keep one of your employees in the freezer with a thermometer to record the temperature in it every 30 minutes? No, it won’t work that way. All you need is a Temperature Data Logger here. You can set the logger to measure and store the temperature at time intervals you prefer (every 30 minutes or hourly.) The device will do it unattended and more accurately than a human. Machines don’t make mistake like us, the humans.

Why should you monitor the temperature in office premises? Monitoring the temperature comes with many benefits such as optimal comfort and energy-saving. Did you know that a Data Logging System can help you with lowering your energy bills? Experts say that employees do their best when provided with the right working environment. Can you do your job properly when it is boiling or freezing in the office? No, right? Also, monitoring the temperature lets you control the use of heating and air conditioning systems in your office premises. Experts say that the optimal working temperature level is between 22-25 Celsius.

Most Temperature Loggers can measure the humidity as well. Humidity also has many effects on our lives (positive and negative.) You should monitor humidity levels in warehouses and museums. Too high or low humidity levels can cause damage to sensitive items such as antique furniture and paintings. So, having a Data Logging System is critical here. Well, homeowners don’t usually monitor humidity levels in their homes. Anyway, monitoring humidity is a thing to consider by every homeowner. What would happen when the humidity exceeds its safe limits? 45%-55% is the safe humidity level to humans and household items. Anything low or high can affect us negatively.

Too low humidity levels can cause the following health issues:

* Dry skin.

* Chapped skin.

* Dry and sore throat.

* Dehydration.

* Headache from dehydration.

Data Logging System

Too high humidity levels can make your home an uncomfortable place to live. Also, too high or too low levels can damage household items such as furniture. Would you buy a Data Logging System for your home? Well, investing money in a system is not a waste.

Advantages of a Data Logging System

Automation of the process is the top advantage I would like to highlight here. Whatever the type of data logger you use, it will do the job unattended. Setting the device in the place you want is all you have to do here. Well, set the logger to the sample rate you want. Higher the sample rate, the sooner the batteries of the logger would die.

Higher accuracy is the next top advantage of a Data Logging System. As mentioned, machines don’t make mistakes like us, the humans. When you set the data logger to the right sample rate, it will measure and store the data accurately until you stop it. Later, you can retrieve the data to your laptop or a mobile device.

Modern Data Logging System and data loggers

Manufacturers have created data loggers with extra features today. All these features make the process easier. Wireless data logger — this device has made the entire process a piece of cake. You can connect your Wireless Data Logger to the cloud and retrieve the data from anywhere in the world. In other words, you can monitor the temperature in your commercial freezer from any location in the world. All these extra features make the Data Logging System more reliable than ever now.

How about the data security? Well, since your data is password protected, nobody else can access your data. Cloud service providers confirm 100% security of your precious data. What would happen in case of a battery power failure? Will all your data be lost? No, modern data loggers come with extra features that save your data in case of a battery power failure (all the data loggers are battery-powered devices.)

Some final words

Every business owner should invest money in a Data Logging System. As a business owner, you can’t afford any costly mistakes. Humans make mistakes when doing repetitive tasks. But you can get the job done with a Data Logging System easily and more accurately. Many types of data loggers are there for every commercial and industrial application. The technology has raised data loggers to a higher level today.

Data loggers are gaining popularity due to reliability and accuracy. Well, you should buy your system from a reputable manufacturer. Homeowners can also buy data logger for temperature and humidity, which will guarantee optimal comfort and energy-saving. Arranging the right working environment for your employees is your responsibility (as a manager or a company director.) Hope you found this article to be helpful.

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