Expanded Mesh — a versatile piece of material that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. This piece of metal comes with several advantages over wooden alternatives. Well, we don’t underestimate wooden fencing and barriers just because we sell Expanded Mesh. Once we explain all the advantages of this metal mesh type in the next few paragraphs; you will understand our point. Today, building designers use this piece of metal for achieving enhanced architectural beauty. We will cover several topics in this article, so you will understand this useful piece of material once you finish reading. Let’s get started!

Expanded Mesh

In a world where engineers and manufacturers have found alternatives for almost everything, they have introduced the Expanded Mesh to replace wooden fencing, ceiling, and partitions. Widely used for cladding or false ceiling. The versatility of this material makes it suitable for modern applications such as building decorations and fencing. World’s famous manufactures of Expanded Mesh use 100% recycled material during the manufacturing process. So, buying these products means you give a new life to pre-used materials. Recycling is known for reducing wastage, pollution, and costs.

Why do we say that it is a better option than wooden alternatives? Well, wooden elements have their own limitations in terms of (rigidity, strength, weather-resistance, temperature-resistance, and pest infestation.) Also, wooden elements increase fire risks (at least spreading of fire.) Can a wooden fence offer 100% security to your house/building? Yes, it offers protection up to some extent, but the Expanded Mesh offers greater protection. How is it possible? Metal meshes are made of metals such as aluminum or brass. You know that metals are strong, can resist extreme weather, high-temperature, and zero risks of pest infestation (when compared to wood.) Reputable manufacturers across the world use quality alloys when producing their products. Well, Expanded Mesh is lighter than wooden fencing and barriers. This lightness makes it ideal for architectural, decorative aspects. And, that is why modern architects recommend this piece of metal when designing buildings and homes to match modern styles.

Elaborating the versatility

Different colors, different strengths, different materials, different shapes, different patterns, and different sizes; the easiest way to explain the versatility of Expanded Mesh. Can you compare it with wooden alternatives? No, right? Reputable manufacturers and distributors sell over 300 different types of meshes today. Well, 300 different types — you got more options to choose from. Brescia, Como, Aquila, Rimini, Milano, Vicenza, Sinena, Roma, Torino, and Venezia are just some of the metal mesh types available in the market for various applications today.

What is your favorite color? Is it red, blue, or yellow? You can buy the mesh in different colors, and you got several color options to choose from. The color is not just a coating. Reputable manufacturers across the world apply coatings that are non-toxic and high-resistance. Well, you can order Expanded Mesh of customized colors too. Anyway, you should choose the right manufacturer or the distributor to enjoy this many options.

The materials of this useful piece of material

Corrosion-resistance, weather-resistance, lightness, strength, rigidity, and safety are the top qualities to focus here. To match all these properties, Expanded Mesh manufacturers use steel, copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel. All these metals are light-weight and strong when compared to wooden alternatives. What can you understand by the metals that are being used to produce meshes? Well, these meshes are designed in such a way to perform well in indoor and outdoor applications. Stainless steel and copper are corrosive-resistive metals. Italy is one of the top distributors of Expanded Mesh. The UK also produces some world-class meshes, and their products are distributed across Europe.

Expanded Mesh

Strength is another factor to consider when choosing a metal for meshes. The strength is achieved in several ways:

* The material.

* The shape.

* The pattern.

When compared to wooden fencing, meshes have a greater strength to weight ratio. Strength to weight ratio is important when using meshes for an architectural project. Whatever you add on to the structure affects the final structural stability. So, if the Expanded Mesh is a heavy-weight material; using it on a structure might not be safe. Don’t worry! This piece of material is light and resistant. These factors make it easy-to-install. You can confirm the best installation method through the manufacturer. Well, we can highlight some international projects where the architects have considered the Expanded Mesh as the best option:

* Substation, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

* Eiffel, Dubai, UAE.

* Tourism Bank Headquarter Building, Teheran, Iran.

Most manufacturers follow a powder coating system to ensure resistant. Well, the Expanded Mesh may look simple, but it is produced through a robust manufacturing process. From choosing quality materials to coating, several quality tests ensure the final quality of the final product. Galvanizing, electro brightening and anodizing are the steps that ensure the final finish. Well, they don’t end the quality check process here (a qualified supervisor then perform the final visual check.) Heavy machinery is being used for producing Expanded Mesh. Those machines are very expensive, so only a large-scale manufacturer can afford it.

Applications: As mentioned, metal meshes are being used as an alternative to wood today.

* Facades and sunscreen

Installing meshes on the exterior of buildings and structures offers sunscreen, also; architectural beauty. It gives a modern look to the building. Some designers use it as an energy-saver. A wooden partition can prevent air entering the building, but the Expanded Mesh does the opposite. As a result, you can minimize the usage of air conditioners. So, you can save money on energy bills in the long run.

The sunscreen it offers can be full or partial (but allows air to enter.) Not like wooden partitions and sunscreens; the Expanded Mesh won’t cover the view. Buildings such as parking lots require a lot of ventilation. So, meshes are the best option you got today.

Expanded Mesh

Some final words

What do you think now? Well, our next few articles will cover other areas such as the manufacturing process of this useful piece of material. Just go to Google and search for mesh applications. Modern architects use it as a decorative piece on buildings. Availability of different patterns makes it suitable for every building type.

Contact us today for more information on this great product. We are more than happy to guide you. A quick tip: buy products from a reputable manufacturer. You know some manufacturers use low-quality materials for the sake of saving their money. Such products fail sooner than they should be. Let’s meet again with another article!

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