Bifold Doors is one of our top doors ranges for modern construction projects and homes. And, as an innovative door manufacturer in Australia; we always include new products in our product ranges. So, how about buying a frameless door for your home? Will it be a good choice? Or, are framed Bifold Doors the best option? Yes, these are the topics that we discuss in detail today; let’s get started!

Bifold Doors

The door frame that we refer to here is the Aluminium frame that we usually include in our doors and windows. Why do many door manufacturers include a framework for their doors? Well, those aluminium frames enhance the architectural beauty of those doors and increase the structural rigidity as well. For example, glass panels is a healthy barrier choice, but using only glass panels sometimes make the doors’ opening and closing process difficult. Bifold Doors that come with aluminium frames are easy-to-install as the aluminium framework acts as a medium to install the necessary structural components needed for the door installation. Anyway, the glass panels we use for Bifold Doors are not ordinary ones. We use toughened and thick glasses; hence the structural rigidity of the door remains at a higher level. Also, the edges of glass panels can get damaged during the opening and closing process throughout the door’s lifetime.

But, you don’t need to worry about the sharp edges of the glass doors; we polish those edges for your safety. So, even your kids can touch those edges; nothing disastrous will happen, and we guarantee it. Still, we don’t recommend Bifold Doors that are 100% glass, without any metal support. As you know, those doors get supported at the top and bottom; hence wheels or other sliding structural components need a supportive structural element to get installed. So, we use aluminium frame portions for Bifold Doors’ as top and bottom parts only. Anyway, such doors look like frameless ones to a greater extent.

OK, if you don’t prefer a thick aluminium frame; we can do something for it too. As mentioned, GB is an innovative door manufacturer in Australia; hence we can customize Bifold Doors and include a thin aluminium frame for you. So, the structural rigidity of the door is there, but the aluminium frame is less visible. OK, let’s answer the top question now! Bifold Doors that come with aluminium frames and the ones that don’t have those frames — which is the best option. While both are the same door types, we recommend the frame doors when considering the additional benefits of it. Yes, even glass panels are durable materials, but the aluminium frame enhances those properties to a greater extent. Don’t consider the aluminium frame as an element that ruins the door’s look. According to your likes; we can manufacture you Bifold Doors that come with colored aluminium frames. And, you can request the door frame color according to homes’ paint as well.

Bifold Doors

OK, let’s summarize the article now. Yes, you can get frameless Bifold Doors, but even though they call frameless doors for those products; at least a few metal components come on those doors as well. When considering the additional benefits such as durability and structural rigidity, we highly recommend framed doors for any construction project. Don’t worry about the aluminium frame color; we can customize it according to your preferences.


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