Guide To Using a TDS Water Tester

Water TDS or the total dissolved solids in water is a thing to discuss before the TDS Water Tester. Measuring TDS in drinking water is essential, and in every water treatment plant; they consider performing this test as a must-do. Ignoring the water TDS test is not advisable as hazardous chemicals in drinking water can cause long-term and short-term health issues. Also, performing the TDS test for drinking water is mandatory by the law. In this article, we talk about the importance of water TDS test, TDS Water Tester, and drinking water. Let’s get started!
As mentioned, water TDS is tested in every water treatment plant to evaluate contamination. Well, buying 100% water is almost impossible in today’s world. On the other hand, we can’t use 100% pure water for day-to-day applications such as drinking. In simple words, TDS is the combined content of all organic and inorganic substances in water. Why do you need a TDS Water Tester here? Well, the naked eye can’t detect dissolved chemicals and other organic/inorganic substances in water. You can perform a simple test by pouring your water sample into a clear glass. If too many impurities are present in the water sample; you might detect it with the naked eye. Anyway, this test is not considered a reliable method for evaluating water TDS. Every government in the world encourages citizens to filter drinking water before consuming. In developing countries like Sri Lanka and India; impurities in drinking water is one of the major causes of kidney diseases. Go to the kitchen and check the filter of your water-filtering machine now (it will surprise you!) Even the water you get from national water treatment plant is not 100% pure water.
TDS present in water: These organic and inorganic substances get contaminated with water in many ways such as urban runoff, water pollution, sewage, and so on. Which means we cannot prevent water TDS, anyway. TDS Water tester is the best option to measure it. Can I measure it without a tester? Is that what you are thinking right now? OK, I will explain a simple test to find it, but you will realize its downsides as well. You need the following items to perform the test:

* Water sample (glass.)
* A burner.
* Scientific digital scale.
* A “very clean” pan.

Well, it is dead simple. Pour the water sample into the “very clean” pan. Heat the pan on the burner and let all the water evaporate. So, when all the water is evaporated; the remnants will be the TDS. Now, weigh it with the scientific scale. I know it sounds so impractical, and that is why I said the TDS Water tester is the best option. This useful device is not an expensive one, so investing money in it is not a waste.
Water TDS and health: Contaminated water is a cause of millions of deaths across the world every year. This issue is common in third-world countries. Yes, water TDS and your health are related to each other. Water that is contaminated with organic and inorganic substances can cause many health issues including death. What are common TDS in drinking water? We can categorize TDS as toxic and non-toxic substances. Metals in drinking water such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, and nitrate are common toxic substances that can cause serious health issues such as kidney diseases. Your TDS Water Tester can measure the presence of toxic metals more accurately than non-digital methods. Potassium, chlorides, and sodium can also increase water TDS. So, you can get an idea of TDS in sea water.
TDS in water can cause serious health issues in minors as the immune system of younger children is not developed like of adults. Anyway, the water you get from the national water treatment plant is free from toxic chemicals and metals but may have a high TDS value due to chlorine contamination (chlorine is added to water for water purification.)
Should you buy a TDS Water Tester for home use? Well, if you are a person who is very keen to know TDS in drinking water; why not? This device is not an expensive one to make yours. As mentioned, tap water is free of toxic metals. Still, filtration is advisable before consuming. How expensive is the device? Is that what you are thinking right now? Would you believe me If say that you can buy a TDS Water Tester for $20? Yes, handheld devices are very cheap, compact, and easy-to-use ones. Well, if you look for a tester for commercial or industrial uses such as water treatment; buying a robust device is advisable. A bench-top device can cost up to $1000 to buy. The higher the price, more the features.
Water TDS may affect taste and odor of water. For example, adding chlorine to water makes water smell like chlorine, and that is why water that you get from the national water treatment plant has a slight chlorine smell. I am sure you have been in swimming pools several times. Chlorine in pool water makes it taste and smell like chlorine.
What can you do to reduce TDS in drinking water?: Well, filtering is the easiest and most practical solution in this case. You can buy a water filter for home use for a few hundreds of dollars. Anyway, make sure you change the filtering part of the filter machine, which is ignored by many users today. What do you know about distillation? This method is a hard, yet effective method to get rid of TDS of water. Water is heated to the evaporation point, and water vapor then condensed back to liquid form on a cool surface. After this method, your TDS Water Tester will give you low readings as solids don’t evaporate.

Some final words: Measuring water TDS is essential to evaluate the safety of drinking it. If not, drinking water can cause many negative health issues including death. Too much TDS can damage pipelines, block water filters, makes water smell and taste bad, and so on. You can buy a basic TDS Water Tester for $20 today. Anyway, robust testers can cost up to $1000.
100% pure water may sound perfect to drink, but drinking 100% pure water is not recommended. Digital measuring methods are more accurate, practical, and efficient than non-digital methods. Every parent should give their younger children water free from TDS because toxic metals such as lead can cause major health issues in younger children. Buy mineral water bottles when you go to a place where no potable water is available.

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