How Will Foil Board Insulation Deal With Insulation Killers?

Foil Board, which is a rigid-panel-insulation is a product that can withstand insulation killers better than most traditional options. As you know, most conventional thermal barriers get damaged by factors such as water ingress, mold growth, pest infestation, and so on. What if you are worried about such damages; hence you look for a product that deals better with such factors? Yes, the insulation industry across the world has developed a lot since the 70s. Modern insulation manufacturers have addressed all the downsides, and have taken necessary actions to fill the gaps, and the Foil Board is an example for it. How would this new product deal with common insulation killers is what we discuss today? Let’s get started!

* Water Ingress

Mostly, roof insulation and underfloor insulation are the elements that get damaged by water ingress. In other words, water leaks from the roof or the ground get accumulated within the insulation structure, minimizing the efficiency of the product to a greater extent. The Foil Board, in this case, acts as a rigid material; hence water can’t get into the structure, which is pretty understandable. But, we don’t say that you can ignore water leaks since you have installed this rigid product on your roof or the floor. Water leaks, as you know, can lead to other structural damages in the long run. Still, when compared to most other traditional insulation products, rigid panels perform well even when get exposed to water and moisture.

Foil Board

* Pest Infestation

Insulation batts, blown-in type, and spray-foam are the products that can readily get damaged by these attacks. Insects can make it their homes. Or, long-term damages could occur as a result of pest infestation. How would the Foil Board deals with it? As you know by now, insects can’t attack a dense product. Also, there is nothing called air pockets or living spaces when it comes to rigid panels. Or, the insects can’t drill through and go into the material. How about wildlife attacks? Australia is a country where many wild animals such as bats, snakes, and even rats/rodents present in large numbers in many cities. Which means these invaders can make insulation their home. Anyway, these invaders can cause severe damages to your traditional thermal barrier. In the end, the overall efficiency of the thermal barrier will reduce, making you rely on heaters and air conditioners to a greater extent, which will waste your money on energy bills in the long run.

* Fires

A somewhat common occurrence in Australia since old days. Anyway, new rules and regulations are there today that minimizes these risks to a greater extent. The minimum distance that you should maintain between the insulation layer and downlights is the best example to highlight here. When compared with most other traditional insulation options, the Foil Board can withstand fires to a greater extent. Still, you should focus on the fact that how to prevent fires in the first hand for your safety.

So, we have discussed three common insulation killers and how would the rigid panel face them in detail today. Don’t get us wrong though! All modern insulation products can withstand common insulation killers to a greater extent when compared to the products that we had in the 80s and 90s. Talking to an expert in the industry is the best thing to do here. As always, you can contact NoGap and seek free advice on all thermal barrier products!

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