Insulation Batts – Unique Features Explained In Detail

Insulation Batts is the oldest insulation form, and history of it runs up to the 30s. Well, old days’ batt materials came with the well-known carcinogenic contamination, which is asbestos. Anyway, we don’t need to worry about it at all today. The world has changed a lot since then; hence modern insulation manufacturers have excluded all such dangerous contaminants from their products. In other words, Insulation Batts are 100% safe for your homes now. What are the top advantages of choosing this thermal barrier type is our today’s topic? Let’s get started!

As the name suggests, these thermal barriers are thick pieces of insulation materials, and which is why we called them batts. Why do we call these thermal barriers “batts?’ Yes, this product is similar to a big sponge, which comes with thousands of air pockets within the material. Why this many air pockets? For preventing heat/cold moving through the thermal barrier, a particular method is necessary. And, Insulation Batts use air pockets method. Don’t worry! We discuss this method in detail now. The air pockets in the thermal barrier hold air, and this air prevents further air moving through the material. As you know, heat gets transferred from one place to another via radiation, conduction, and convection. The air pockets prevent heat transfer via conduction and convection to a greater extent. Still, insulation killers such as water ingress can hinder this “air moving” method, which will lead to thermal efficiency reductions. Our previous articles regarding Insulation Batts and insulation killers explain this topic in detail; read them!

Insulation Batts

Insulation Batts installation is a piece of cake when compared to the installation of many other thermal barriers. For example, you need machines for the installation of blown-in and spray-foam insulation types. But, for the installation of batt thermal barriers; you will only need a measuring tape and a cutting knife. Anyway, all the insulation types in the market are there to fulfilling the unique requirements of homeowners in Australia; hence we can’t underestimate any type including spray-form and blow-in. Since batt insulation comes as material pieces, you can buy the exact amount that you need to insulate your area-to-insulate. Also, most suppliers in Australia sell this product in packs for your convenience today.

Insulation Batts come with high resistance to common insulation killers now. High-temperature resistance, resistance to pest attacks, and resistance to mold growth are unique features to highlight here. Anyway, the overall efficiency of these thermal barriers can go down due to these insulation killers; hence regular inspection is your best friend here. Every homeowner looks for a thermal barrier that lasts for many years. And, the durability of Insulation Batts can extend for many decades to a lifetime now. In other words, if you install this insulation option today; your children also can make use of it after 3-4 decades. The availability is another benefit to highlight here. Still, batt insulation is the most-sold insulation product in Australia, even though other variations are winning their places now.

Insulation Batts

The R-value of Insulation Batts is the factor that determines the thermal efficiency. And, you can now buy the right R-value depending on the climate in your region. A quick tip: for warmer and colder parts of the country; choose an insulation barrier that comes with a high R-value. Well, you can buy all these top-class thermal barriers at NoGap, and we are a pretty affordable supplier.

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