Internal Sliding Doors- An innovative alternative

Internal sliding doors is a type of door that slides horizontally, left or right instead of being opened outwardly. These doors come as a good substitute to the traditional door design when it comes to saving space. They are a perfect choice for narrow spaces and hallways. Apart from narrow spaces, in large areas, these doors look attractive and serve as an excellent decoration, while being simple and compact.

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Internal Sliding Doors


These doors slide to be opened or closed instead of swinging like a traditional hinged door.This makes them a good choice to be used in areas where there is no room for a door to swing. They can separate different parts of your house without taking extra space. When not in use, the door panels can be slide back into the wall cavity so that they can be completely hidden. In this way, they can give you the feeling of being in an open area while enabling you to immediately close them for some privacy. Apart from being used as an alternative to standard doors in homes, these doors can also be integrated in wardrobes, cupboards and bathrooms.

Internal sliding doors are also being used widely for their stunning designs, flexibility and overall simplicity. Nowadays, these doors come in various eye catching designs and colors, complementing your house décor and maximizing the available space.Various type of materials can be used to build these doors like glass, wood, aluminum, timber and vinyl. The choice of material depends on what suits your needs, the décor of your house and the available budget.

Internal Sliding Doors


There are several different types of Internal sliding doors. These are discussed below:

  • Standard sliding doors: These doors slide left or right over the wall to open or close.
  • Pocket Doors: These are available with a wall cavity. When completely opened, the door can be glided into this cavity.
  • Louvered Doors: These doors have built in louvered panels.
  • Sliding French Doors: These doors appear like a standard French door, but they slide sideways unlike a standard hinge door.
  • Bypass Doors: When opened, these doors have the ability to slide behind each other.
  • Shoji Screens: These doors bring an Asian look to the sliding doors. They are usually made from wood or translucent paper.

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Internal Sliding Doors


  • Being able to slide both towards left and right sides.
  • Make an efficient use of space.
  • Wide variety of designs, styles and materials available.
  • Perfectly suited to be used in narrow areas.
  • Flexibility and ease of use.
  • Automatic variants available: magnetic or remote controlled mechanism

Internal sliding doors are a good alternative to the traditional doors in terms of design and flexibility. They look stylish and make good use of space. They are perfectly suited to be used as room dividers. These doors are, in general, more secure than the hinge doors as they cannot be damaged at the hinges. Apart from that, they can be embedded into various furniture items like cupboards, dressing tables, and racks. Overall, they make a perfect choice to be used in both narrow and wide spaces.

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