Well, it is not a new question. Anyway, it is a burning question in every coffee lover’s mind. La Marzocco knows about coffee for several decades. We have answered this question several times, but some coffee lovers ask it again and again. And that is why we have decided to write this article for all the confused coffee lovers out there. The more you know about it, the more you can make it tastier. La Marzocco does more than producing world-class coffee machines. We are here to make the coffee world more beautiful for you. Let’s get started!

La Marzocco

Firstly, La Marzocco would like to talk about coffee beans. Coffee beans have been grown in different parts of the world for many centuries. Where have they been grown? Does it really matter? Of course, yes. The first country La Marzocco highlights is Africa, which is the birthplace of coffee. Many loyal coffee drinkers like the taste of Kenyan coffee. Anyway, not all the coffee lovers love coffee beans from the African region.

People love coffee from Indonesia. They grow coffee beans with deep and rich flavours. Sumatra’s thick and lively bodied coffee has managed to attract many coffee lovers across the globe. The most from the total coffee production in the world is provided by the American region. Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Columbia are the top coffee bean producers in the American region. Well, we can say: the American region produces the tastiest coffee in the world. La Marzocco tip: 1) Costa Rican coffee taste: Medium body, earthy, hint of butterscotch, and crisp. 2) Guatemalan coffee taste: Snappy flavour, chocolatey, dry, and sweet. 3) Columbian coffee taste: Alluring caramel notes, sweet, and clean.

The brewing process of coffee have effects on its taste and texture. It is all about the contact time of water with ground coffee. Brewing process varies with the machine type. At La Marzocco, we produce a wide range of top-class coffee makers and espresso machines. OK, let’s get to know about each machine type’s brewing process a bit better:

* Dripping machines: A minimum contact time of 5 minutes. French press – 2-4 minutes.

* Espresso machines: 20-30 seconds of brewing time. Well, the mechanism of espresso machines extracts much of essence from coffee beans within a short time period (it is done under high-pressure.) And that is why espresso has a sharp taste than other coffee types (it is just the pure essence of coffee.)

* Cold brew: A minimum of about 12 hours.

The grind of coffee bean is another thing to consider. The relationship between coffee grind and the taste is clearly explained in this article (http://www.ncausa.org/About-Coffee/How-to-Brew-Coffee.)

La MarzoccoLa Marzocco coffee makers and espresso machines

Yes, machine’s quality has effects on the final taste of your coffee cup. And that is why you should buy it from a reputable manufacturer. A consistent machine will give you a perfect coffee cup every time. We have a machine for all your preferences.

Some final words

In summary, coffee beans, brewing process, and the coffee grind are the factors that determine the taste of a coffee cup. People have different definitions of what they want their coffee to be. While some coffee lovers prefer sharp tastes, others prefer mild tastes.


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