Bifold Doors is a reliable door range, but the door manufacturer should use quality materials for the manufacturing of their products for better results. For example, the door type could be a pretty versatile one, but using low-quality metals will undoubtedly make it a useless product in the end. GB is a door and window manufacturer that focuses on giving the best products to customers, and which is why we have become a leader in this industry. So, what are the ideal materials for Bifold Doors? We have discussed this topic in our previous articles in detail; hence let’s debate another topic today. What are the elements that aren’t fitting for a bifold door?

Bifold Doors

Metals, woods, plastics, rubber, and glass are the materials that we compare today. Aluminium is a metal, but aluminium has the capacity to withstand many environmental factors. How about woods for Bifold Doors? Let’s say a manufacturer developed a door made of 100% wood? Would you buy it? Or would the experts in the construction industry incorporate those 100% wooden doors within their construction projects? Well, we don’t think that any individual who knows about the strength to weight ration would use a 100% wood door within a modern construction project nowadays. We don’t underestimate wooden doors manufacturers here, but anybody will agree with us over the fact — wooden Bifold Doors aren’t a suitable option when considering the poor resistance to environmental factors and added weight. It is safe to say that 100% wooden bifold door is heavier when compared to a door made of aluminium and glass. So, experts in the modern construction world focus on this added weight to a greater extent. All in all, woods are not ideal materials for Bifold Doors.

How about plastic? Yes, plastic is a versatile material that comes in various grades and colors as well. Also, a manufacturer can conveniently produce Bifold Doors with plastics today. Anyway, have you ever come across a bifold door that is 100% plastic? How about clear plastic panels? Yes, you could consider this as an alternative to glass panels of doors, but clear plastic panels isn’t a replacement for glass panels. Also, glass panels made into a double-glazed structure offer maximum resistance to heat losses and gains in winter and summer. But, using plastic double-glazed panels isn’t going to control heat gains and losses like glasses. Also, Bifold Doors that are 100% plastic aren’t suitable for applications where security gets the priority. Glass and aluminium result in a 100% secure door, but we can’t expect it from plastic alternatives. Anyway, plastics can resist pest infestations and water damage to a greater extent.

The last metal that we discuss is composite materials. And, we can discuss rubber as well here. While composites can be rigid materials like metals; the use of those composite materials in the door/window industry is less practical yet. The high cost of those composite materials is the reason to highlight here. Yes, those materials come with a pretty high strength to weight ratio, but the price is also a factor to consider when manufacturing Bifold Doors. As you know, nobody would use rubber to manufacturer a door/window. While you can include rubber for the manufacturing of door components; 100% rubber doors don’t exist in this world. Aluminium and glass is the best material combination yet!

Bifold Doors



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