Let’s compare Soil Test Kit and DIY soil testing today. Which method is more accurate? The soil is the key to a good harvest. If the soil lacks in essential nutrients, then plants will not thrive, and it is one of the most common issue gardeners come across. Why do we have to test the soil? Why can’t we just plant vegetables and fruits without testing the soil first? OK, let’s find out the answers to each question one by one. I am a big fan of Soil Test Kit, so I will be giving more weight to it.

Soil Test Kit

Performing a soil test before planting what you want to plant will let you know all about the soil. Plants need essential nutrients to grow healthily. In that way, plants are similar to us. I mean, they need nutrients to grow. We perform the soil test mostly to determine the pH level of the soil. I am sure you have heard about pH as we come across it every day. pH means the power of hydrogen – a calculation of available hydrogen. Yes, the soil too has a pH value, and that value varies depending on the available nutrients that it holds.

OK, now let’s compare Soil Test Kit and DIY soil testing. Both methods let us know the pH of the soil. The most popular DIY method to testing Soil pH is the vinegar and baking soda test. This method gives you an idea about the acidity or the alkalinity of the soil in your garden. Did you know that most plants do well when the pH level is between 5.5 and 7.0? Anyway, for some plants; the ideal range can vary. OK, let’s get to know the vinegar and baking soda test a bit better. It’s a very simple test and you will need the following items to perform it:

* The soil sample that you want to test.

* White vinegar.

* Baking soda.

* Water.

* Two cups to perform the test.

Soil Test Kit

It’s a piece of cake. Fill the cups with the soil that you want to test. Add white vinegar to the first cup, and if bubbles are formed; then the soil is more alkaline. If no bubbles form, then fill water to the other cup that holds the soil sample. Now add half a cup of baking soda. If bubbles form, the soil is highly acidic. If no reactions took place in both the tests, then your soil pH has a neutral value.

Soil Test Kit gives you more accurate readings than the baking soda and white vinegar test. If you want to become a real professional gardener, then you should buy a Soil Test Kit. Knowing the pH level up to decimal points is important for optimal plant growth. So, with DIY soil testing methods, you can get a rough idea of acidity or alkalinity of the soil. You must perform these tests every year when you start your new garden crop. Due to many external factors such as heavy rain and snow, pH levels can change. So, if you go through four seasons every year, it is safe to say that the soil in your garden will change four times a year. Buy your Soil Test Kit today for a thriving garden crop.

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