Tube Fittings is a series of elements that fulfill a top role in the plumbing industry. We need these elements for hundreds of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Also, a lot of product variations are available in the market; hence you should choose the right one that suits your application the most. Well, we discuss a different topic in today’s article. What is the best material option for Tube Fittings? The materials used for manufacturing these versatile elements will depend on the manufacturer as well. For example, a low-quality manufacturer will use low-quality materials during the manufacturing process for the sake of saving their money. Make sure you choose a reliable and reputable supplier of these products so!

Tube Fittings

We can categorize the materials used for Tube Fittings as metals and non-metals. But, most of these elements get produced using metals today to withstand commercial and industrial conditions such as high-temperature and high pressure. Still, we can’t ignore non-metal products; they fulfill a top role in residential water pipeline applications. PVC is the most-used non-metal for Tube Fittings. A quick tip: even though we use the term tube fitting for PVC products here, metallic elements are the products that usually get this term. PVC is a material that comes with superior properties such as corrosion resistance, weather resistance, and resistance to pest infestations, and so on. Anyway, in terms of temperature and pressure handling; PVC is a weak material option. In other words, Tube Fittings made of PVC can’t withstand high-temperature and high pressure, and this is why the boiler or the heating system of your home uses metal fittings.

Other than PVC, metal choices such as stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass are the widely-used metal options for these elements. As you know, all these metals come with top-class properties such as high strength to weight ratio, high resistance to corrosion, withstanding high temperatures, and high resistance to wildlife attacks. Anyway, tubes and fittings in buildings and homes usually don’t get exposed to pest and wildlife attacks. Out of all these metal options, which is the best for Tube Fittings? Well, since all these metal options are equally reliable, naming one metal option isn’t the best option here. Anyway, we should consider a few other factors as well here. The price is a top factor to consider here as homeowners now look for affordable products for their homes. Stainless steel and copper Tube Fittings are affordable options when compared to brass and bronze fittings. Stainless steel has become a top choice among reputable manufacturers across the world as it comes with unique features such as high corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and at affordable prices.

Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings Suppliers

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the manufacturer of these elements is the party that makes sure their product series is a reliable one. Using quality metals or materials and sticking to the standard industrial standards are the responsibilities of a Tube Fittings manufacturer. Well, the majority of the suppliers in Australia are reliable ones, but a few low-quality ones also exist. Our previous articles have explained how to choose a reliable supplier in your city; you will benefit from reading those articles too. Of course, you can choose us for all your needs here. We supply quality tubes and fittings at affordable rates. Also, we give discounts for bulk orders. Call us today for more information!


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