SEO Sri Lanka: How To Find The Best Service Provider

SEO Sri Lanka is the best option to consider for business success in Sri Lanka. Anyway, you may have doubts about choosing the best service provider for your business. Don’t worry! We are here to help you. If you have been disappointed about your current SEO company or you have started a new business; you will benefit from reading this article. Let’s get started!

OK, let’s start it by understanding the importance of search engine optimization. Sri Lanka is a third-world country, but we are moving forward as a nation now. People in developed countries buy products and services online today. According to the latest estimations, more than 50% of consumers in developed countries prefer online purchasing over shopping. How about the consumers in Sri Lanka today? Well, the statistics may differ in our country, but more and more consumers search for easy purchasing options now. In other words, they also prefer online shopping as it saves time.

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SEO Sri Lanka

The importance of a website

No matter what you sell, you will benefit from having a business website. Anyway, appearing on Google’s first search page is a thing to consider here. You may already have a business website which is listed on Google’s last search pages. Did you know that a business website that appears on Google’s last search pages generate nothing for you? In a world where people are too busy to prepare a meal at home, nobody bothers to scan up to the 10th search page to search for products and services. In summary, your website should appear on Google’s first two search pages, and SEO Sri Lanka can make it happen.

What to look for in an SEO Sri Lanka company?

As mentioned, SEO is all about ranking clients’ websites on Google top positions. Every SEO Sri Lanka service provider claim that they can rank you in Google’s top positions. Can they really do it? Well, you can understand it by witnessing their current position on Google. Can they get your website on Google’s first search page if they have their own website on the 5th search page? Which means they cannot rank their own website with the skills they have on SEO. However, being listed on the number one spot won’t make them the best service provider in Sri Lanka either. Some SEO companies use negative methods to rank a website on Google’s top positions.

Exploring their previous clients

They can say thousands of things on the website about the services and what they can do for you. Have they done what they promise to their clients so far? A genuine SEO Sri Lanka company would give you contact details of their previous clients, so you can contact them and get to know about their services. Do they have happy clients? Sometimes you can get a negative response from them about the contact details of previous clients. “Sorry, sir/madam! We don’t share information about our previous clients.” If you get a such a response from them; run away from them.

 An SEO company cannot survive in the industry for long if their services are “crap.” In other words, the number of years in the SEO Sri Lanka industry reveals their success as a service provider. Many top-class service providers are there in Sri Lanka today, so scammers and good-for-nothing companies cannot survive for long in the industry. Anyway, a startup company could become the best in the industry. So, the number of years in the industry is just a factor to consider here.

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SEO Sri Lanka

How long SEO takes to show actual results? Many business owners ask it from experts today. Well, search engine optimization is not a magic trick that will rank your website on Google’s top positions. It can take weeks or even months to show you actual results. So, even the number one SEO Sri Lanka cannot rank you on the number one spot in 48 hours.

Also, nobody can guarantee you certain spots on Google and other search engines. Do you get our point here? Never hire a service provider who claims “magic results” such as the number one spot in 48 hours. Those are possible signs of scammers that exist in the SEO industry who use black hat methods to rank clients’ websites in top positions.

SEO Sri Lanka is a long-term and systematic process that can take up to three months to show you actual results. The service provider you have hired should perform several tasks to develop your website into an SEO-optimised one.

Their team

Do they outsource to third-parties, or have a full team to perform every SEO task for a client? Hiring a service provider that outsource to third-parties is not advisable — who will take the responsibility of what third-parties do? In other words, hire an SEO Sri Lanka company that has a full team of experts including web development, SEO, digital marketing, and so on.

Their price

Well, every business owner wants to save money on operational costs. So, they focus on hiring cheap service providers. Anyway, when it comes to SEO; you will not benefit from hiring cheap companies. Being in top positions is harder than ever now. In other words, you should invest big money in SEO Sri Lanka today. Well, don’t get us wrong here. You don’t need to spend millions on SEO, but don’t hire companies who claim to offer “cheap services.” In summary, search for either expensive or affordable service providers.

A sit-down meeting with the company you are considering is a must-do (a face-to-face conservation.) Anybody can say anything over the phone, but when you confront them face-to-face; it is the best way to understand them. Write down all the questions that you want to ask them. How did they answer your questions?  Did they run out words or the answers reflect their skills and expertise?

SEO Sri Lanka

Wrapping up

SEO Sri Lanka is essential to your business growth today. Hundreds of customers search for products and services on the Internet, so being visible to them is a thing to consider now. Should you have any questions about our SEO services; contact us, and we are more than happy to clear all your doubts.

A quick tip: don’t hire separate service providers for SEO and web development/design. Instead, hire a full-service company that can take over every aspect of digital marketing. We can take over every aspect of digital marketing for you, saving your time and money in the long run.

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