From soap to shoes and saucy pasta today we order everything online.

IT Solutions

 IT Solutions In Retail

From soap to shoes and saucy pasta today we order everything online. Today’s tech-savvy customer is increasingly demanding a seamless and personalized shopping experience and delivering  it to him is the retailer along with his back end supporter the IT solutions company. In the US alone retail spending is pegged at $35.81 billion for the current year. That is an opportunity in itself for the IT solutions provider.

To meet this challenge the retailers in tandem with the IT solutions company is working 24/7 to incorporate new digital technologies to deliver a more personalized experience, optimize their distribution/supply chain and roll out new applications and tools faster. All of this to stay on top of security and competitive threats form industry as well as a well-organized cyber mafia.

The challenges before the IT solutions Industry today are manifold. It is important for every IT Solutions company looking to foray in the retail business to build the technology expertise to compete in the retail IT solutions market.  It  therefore becomes important for the IT companies to leverage a tested methodology to increase market share and business growth for the retailer. But far more of importance today is a Digital Business Transformation by the IT solutions company which actually empowers the customer to increase their spending and budgets through retail outlets. The balance of power has shifted to customers, requiring retailers and the IT solutions to step up their game in delivering more economical efficient solutions and protocols or risk being out maneuvered by more nimble competitors. This is because the ‘on the  go’ customer today demands a relevant and consistent shopping experience on their terms, no matter where they are and it is up to the retailer supported by systems and practices of  the IT solutions company to provide him that service.

IT Solutions

For this the immediate need of the IT solutions company is to provide the retailer optimized distribution and supply chain management systems. Also an ever increasing mobility means that the retailer has to increasingly adopt social selling, as much of the buying today occurs via user-generated content, such as comments and reviews. Helping him create that environment for his chain is the IT solutions company.

At the back end today retailers are looking to incorporate more sensor enabled devices that enable real-time shopping interactions, track and track inventories at one end. At the other consumers are increasingly looking to adopt new checkout and payment methods simplify the shopping experience. The IT solutions firm as to now has to  put in place efficient and more shopper friendly systems so as to make the process of managing and running the business easier  for the retailer and for the shopper result in hassle free shopping.

In the near future mobility and BYOD will be the go to technology as both retail chain employees and customers will continue to access store resources using their own personal devices, and stores along with the IT solutions company will have to innovate to stay in business. Coupled with this is the augmented and virtual shopping experience which is today increasingly becoming a reality.

It is the IT solutions company’s future thrust area  to build  technologies that allow and then track shopping behaviors so as to  enable a more efficient  on the go shop experience for the customer. The mantra since the beginning of time for the IT solutions company and the retailer alike is keep the customer happy after all he is KING.

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