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Best ‘Soil Test Kit’ recommended for your GARDEN or LAWN

Do you like gardening?  You know how important fertilizing your plants is? You know how much care is required to grow healthy and strong plants? If your answers are – YES! My next question is do you know what nutrients are absent or missing from the soil in your garden or lawn?  Soil Test Kit – is your answer which will tell you what does your soil contain as well as what you required to add to the soil to attain the recommended PH levels.


  • Why do you need SOIL Test Kit to test soil?

Before you add any kind of fertilizer to the soil – one should know the pH levels or TDS. Having the knowledge about what is missing from the soil you automaSoil Test Kittically gain information on what to add to it  to make it healthy. A high quality soil test kit – or soil tester will help to ascertain which are the best plants recommended for your area to avoid huge crop failure.

A Soil Test Kit makes sure that you do not over fertilize the soil that could cause the crops to grow too fast and make them susceptible to diseases. A Soil test kit is a huge help to regulate soil quality all year through.

  • What does a Soil test kit – test?

The key things that have to be kept in mind when you test the soil is for the Ph in the soil that helps you either to reduce or increase the nutrient levels in the soil – depending on the result. It is commonly known that one’s soils Ph level should range between 1 – 14 with pH as neutral coming in at 7. The level if read under seven – the soil is termed acidic.  A figure of above 7 makes the soul alkaline. Acidic soils tend to keep away the chemicals in the fertilizers from reaching the plants.

Another important faSoil Test Kitctor to be tested is soil’s conductivity – which is measured in two different methods. TDS stands for ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ and measures the fertilizer that is present in your soil. With the help of electrical conductivity amount of nutrients the soil is measured. After having gauged this information you can go ahead and add or remove the fertilizer in the soil.

Soil temperature is imperative in deciding what to grow and what not to grow. All crops grow at different temperatures – and yes – we are talking of soil temperature – NOT only the air temperature. Crops of different kinds require different temperature to germinate – that is why is it important to understand that it has to be measured at the depth where the plant will be sown and not only measure the surface temperature of the soil.

When you buy seeds look out for the temperature requirement mentioned on the packets to guide you what is the best temperature suited for each specific seed or plant type.

  • Care for your Soil test Kit!

For a accurate and consistent measurement take good care of your soil tester. If you maintain it properly rest assured it will always give you accurate readings. The key is to use right calibration solution while testing and after testing ensure that the soil test kit cleaned, wiped , dried, wrapped and stored properly each and every time.

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