Insulating a home comes with many benefits. If you are living in a colder climate, then you know how important it is for a comfortable stay in your house. In this article, I would like to focus more on Bulk Insulation. Reflective insulation and Bulk Insulation are the two main types available today. We learned in schools – heat moves from high-temperature place to a colder one. Conduction, convection, and radiation are the ways of heat transfer. All these take place in your house. Well, I am not going to explain what is convection here.

As I said above, heat always moves from a high-temperature place to a colder one. And that’s why we keep all doors and windows closed during winter. Outside temperature is lower than that in your house, so the warmer air inside tries to escape through doors and windows, and even from the gaps in the ceiling. So, what happens in the summer is the opposite. The temperature outside is higher than that in your home. Which means outside hot air will move into your house.

Now, you can understand the importance of insulating your home properly. In colder countries such as Canada and Iceland, Bulk Insulation is the popular choice. But why? Reflective insulation is good at reflecting heat produced by radiation. This insulation type is more useful for hot countries such as Australia. Bulk Insulation, on the other hand; is good at maintaining/hold the warm inside a house/building. It acts as a barrier that prevents warm air leaking to outside. It traps air between its fiber, so acting like a blanket in your ceiling and walls. Also, it acts as a noise-reduction barrier. Four forms of Bulk Insulation are there in the market today.

Bulk Insulation


* Batts.

* Blankets that come as a roll.

* Boards.

* Loose-fill.

OK, I am going to explain materials used for Bulk Insulation next.

* Fiberglass.

* Rockwool.

* Polyester.

* Wool.

* Cellulose.

* Polystyrene Boards.

Old insulation had the risk of asbestos contamination. Anyway, according to new legislation, the manufacturers aren’t allowed to use asbestos for any insulation type today.

Benefits of insulation

Well, I can write a new article on its benefits, but I will be brief here.

* The top advantage of insulation is the comfort it provides. Can you live comfortably is it’s too hot or freezing? No, right? And that’s why I consider it as the top benefit of insulation.

* It can reduce your energy bills by up to 30%. When you can maintain a proper temperature in your home, then you will not spend more energy on ACs or heaters. On the other hand, it reduces your greenhouse gas emissions, which is great news for environmental-friendly people.

* People look for insulation when they buy or rent a house. Which means insulation adds value to your home.

Bulk Insulation

Some final words

If you are living in a country that with a mixed climate, then install reflective and Bulk Insulation at the same time. So, no worries in the hot summer and cold winter. The only disadvantage of Bulk Insulation is the difficulty to install. Getting professional help is a must. Also, it can get ruined by moisture, insects, rodents, mold, and other wildlife. Still, its advantages outweigh disadvantages.

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