Why Should Foilboard Be Your First Choice?

The demand for insulation has increased over the past few decades. No matter where in which part of the world you live, Insulation can bring you comfort and happiness. Why do I say so? Well, people who live in hotter parts of the world don’t worry much about insulation, but they should. Why do I say so? Did you know that people who live in hotter parts of the world waste so much money on air conditioning (energy bills?) Foilboard is a new type of insulation that can be used in various climates. OK, let’s talk about the Foilboard later. Let’s talk about the advantages of insulation. Over the past few decades, people began to worry about a possible global energy crisis. Of course, if we keep on consuming energy at this rate; we will have to go through it. Did you know that about 30% of the total domestic energy consumption is used for maintaining the right temperature (for heating and air conditioning?) And you can reduce the total domestic energy consumption by 30% if you insulate your home properly. Well, 30% is a big number when it terms of energy consumption. Insulating your home properly with Foilboard is a thing to consider so.

Insulation types: Over the past few decades, manufacturers began to produce various types of insulation for residential and commercial/industrial uses. Manufacturers in the 40s and 50s began to include one of the most dangerous materials in the world for their products. Do you know what is it? Yes, it is none other than carcinogenic asbestos. Anyway, Foilboard does not contain any traces of asbestos, so you can live safely with it.

As mentioned, many types of insulation are available in the market today. Well, most insulation types come with advantages and disadvantages. For example, batt insulation. Modern batt insulation does not contain any traces of asbestos, but still; it can cause serious health issues such as breathing difficulties and skin irritations. And that is why you are not allowed to do it yourself. Also, installing blow-in types can get messy. Foilboard, on the other hand; will make the installing process a piece of cake. There’s nothing to get messy with it.


Another disadvantage of having batt/blow-in insulation is pest infestation. It is a well-known fact that wildlife and insects make insulation their living spaces. Anyway, if you install Foilboard, then you are stress-free about pest/wildlife infestation as well. The only downside of Foilboard is the lack of availability. I mean, before I began to write this article; I went on the Internet to find Foilboard dealers. In Melbourne, I managed to find 1-2 companies who provide this new type of insulation. Also, I didn’t find many details about its availability in other parts of the world. So, finding the dealer in your home area can give you a hard time.

As for every other insulation types, hiring professionals to install Foilboard is advisable (not because installing it yourself is dangerous, but it should be done in the correct way.) Anyway, when compared to all other insulation types; installing Foilboard is much easier. Don’t wait anymore so. Contact your nearest dealer and get to know about this special type of insulation in details.

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