Furniture Movers Melbourne  Should You Move With Friends Or Not?


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Yes, it may seem like a great thing to do – moving with you friends. College students move as groups, and Furniture Movers Melbourne move them safely. Living with friends is fun, and that’s why college students often do it. It has pros, but cons too. Initially, you will feel great about it, but with time; when you live with a friend in the same room, you will get second thoughts on the decision you made. And that’s why Furniture Movers Melbourne thought of posting this article on our blog today. Pros and cons of living with friends explained here.

Sharing a room with your best friend is easy, and you don’t need to make any plans. No secrets between you two, and you can share anything with her. You have a trustworthy partner to do everything including shopping, study, clubbing, and so on. You have someone to share your fun, and it’s a great thing about living with a friend.

Now, let’s talk about the dark side. Yes, she was your best friend for many years, but she didn’t live with you. In other words, you didn’t know 100% about her habits, relationships, and her personal life. But everything will come out now. Furniture Movers Melbourne tip: Now it’s the time that you will get to know about her 100% (almost.) She might not be the person you knew before. You will like it or hate it. Some of her habits will ruin your life too (drug use.)

You can share the life with a person who you can trust to a greater extent. You will share the cost for room, food, traveling, shopping, and so on. When you have a difficult time financially, she will lend you some money too. Moving with a stranger is a big headache. You can’t be who you are with a stranger, but you can be you with your best movers melbourne

Now, Furniture Movers Melbourne would like to talk about the dark side. Sometimes, a friend can take advantages of living with you. She will not work for long hours and earn money, but she expects you to cover most of the expenses. She will leave the mess for you to clean always. Which means you two will have arguments over these matters. On the other hand, you will not want to hurt her, so you will do most of it yourself, but it’s a big headache for you.

Yes, now, Furniture Movers Melbourne would like to talk about something serious. It’s a con of moving with friends – the bad habits. When students move as groups, they get the freedom to do anything they want. Their parents are not there to guide them or protect them. It could be a disaster. The times you used to study; you will waste on clubbing with them. The chance that a group of student will get addicted to alcohol, drugs, and sex is very high. It could ruin your life from the point you started your independent life as a student. Furniture Movers Melbourne tip: It’s you who should decide which path you choose as yours. Yes, she may be your best friends, but if you realize that she is becoming the reason for your life to ruin; it’s the time to give up on her. Well, you can try your best to show her the right path too.

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