My Opinion On Ball Valve: A Positive Review

Ball Valve

I am sure you have seen a Ball Valve, but you don’t know the name of it (mostly.) In your home, you should be having 2-3 of them even at this moment. Plumbers use these valves because they are more efficient and practical than most other valves. It came to life in the 50s, and it became popular fast because of its versatility. In this article, I am going to open up my thoughts on Ball Valves and their advantages. It is a positive review, and it deserves it.

How does it work? Well, I can easily explain its operation with this picture (*JOng-Zb7o77s68Z_l3MWug.jpeg.) When you turn the handle through a 90 degrees angle, the ball will turn into an open or closed position, and that is the reason why some call it quarter-turn valve. What does that mean? Consider a usual valve (tap) that you have to turn the lever many times to cut-off or open the path to the water flow. Well, we can use such taps for the bathroom and the kitchen sink. But for industrial and heavy-duty uses, you will need something robust that can handle great pressures. Ball Valve is the right choice for such heavy-duty purposes.

As mentioned, it came to this world in the 50s and gained popularity in chemical, petroleum, water-treatment, and papermaking industries. It is dead simple, doesn’t it? It is a component that has a ball with a hole in its center (refer the picture again.) Turning the valve will shut off the flow in no time. Which means it is ideal for emergency applications. Let’s talk about advantages of using Ball Valves in details.

* Durability: Let’s talk about plastic Ball Valves (the ones in your home.) Have you ever replaced a one since you moved into the house? No, right? This valve will serve you for many years without giving any trouble. Well, the plastic ones you can’t repair as they come as a single piece. But you can dismantle, and repair the ones used for industrial applications (the metal ones.) They are highly-durable components.

* Efficiency: The valve offers a perfect seal with low torque. Most Ball Valves don’t need any lubrication. As mentioned, you can shut-off the flow with a quick quarter-turn.

* Can use for gas applications: It can handle lots of pressure, so suitable for high-pressure applications such as in gas plants. You can’t use any ordinary valves for high-pressure gas applications, only Ball Valves.

Ball Valve

* Low-cost: When compared to the service it provides, it is a cheaper option than other valve types. The plastic ones are very cheap, but the metals ones used for high-pressure applications are somewhat expensive.

Well, I am hoping to continue the article further with a part that explains advantages and disadvantages of Ball Valves. Choose the right type according to your need though. Plastic ones are better for home-use. Wear/tear are the advantages of Ball Valve types. Anyway, they will last for years and will do the job perfectly for years. Rust-resistant valves are better for outdoor and in-water applications. Did you know – this is the valve type that you can use for pipelines in the sea?

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Shane benut September 15, 2017 at 5:34 am

An interesting post indeed
I like the example you shared, would keep that in the future.
Thanks a bunch for sharing that article..

    Chang September 15, 2017 at 9:30 am

    A very warmly welcome to you here.I am happy you liked this post. Keep visiting and giving your feedback.
    Thank you!

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