BSP Fittings is a tube/fitting range that we use in Australia, and plumbers and technicians use this range for many residential, commercial, and industrial applications. It is safe to say that this tube range is one of the best in the world, so we guarantee the quality of it. Our today’s topic is related to something tricky. Can BSP Fittings be PVC ones? Well, the use of PVC tubes and fittings is a fact, and we can’t underestimate the use of those products. Anyway, when considering the applications; can we manufacturer those fittings standards with PVC?

OK, what are PVC pipes? Well, this is completely a new product range manufactured for residential applications. Anyway, the versatility of this product range makes it one of a kind. And, the effortless installation makes it a top choice for homeowners and residential applications. When joining two PTV tubes; you need to use a glue made for it. Anyway, we don’t need much glue when connecting BSP Fittings. When it comes to metallic tubes and fittings, the thread type is the factor that determines seal-proof connecting. Or, a rubber O-ring is the element that acts as the sealing material piece. Why do we need PVC tubes and fittings when BSP Fittings are there?

BSP Fittings

Well, applications related to plumbing vary, and the ideal tube and fitting range for a particular application may be a simple series as well. For example, for general water-transferring uses, we don’t need to use metallic tubes and fittings. As a replacement, we can rely on PVC products here. The fact that general water-transferring purposes don’t involve high-pressure and high-temperature make PVC products suitable for those. Why do we need metallic products, then? Well, it all depends on the aspects related to residential, commercial, and residential applications. For example, the heating system of your home — can you use PVC tubes and fittings for it? Or, is there anything called BSP Fittings that made with PVC for those high-pressure or high-temperature applications?

Most of the time, we use metallic product series such as BSP Fittings for robust applications. The boiler is a typical use that involves high-pressure and high-temperature. So, it is pretty understandable that we can’t use PVC elements for it. The limitations of PVC and BSP Fittings are not the same. The fact that metallic series are metallic makes it ideal for robust applications, where PVC only for general or straightforward ones. There are standards related to PVC tubes and fittings as well, but we don’t discuss those over here today. The thread sealing element is a component that we use for when connecting any tube or fitting, in the metallic and PVC series.

BSP Fittings

If BSP Fittings are not PVC ones, what are the top material choices for those? As mentioned, those are only made of metal options, and we should use the best metals that can withstand harsh factors. In some scenarios, those metallic tubes and fittings may use for underground uses as well. Corrosion-resistance, temperature-resistance, and high-pressure-withstanding are the required features so. To achieve those resistances, BSP Fittings manufacturers use either brass, copper, stainless steel, and galvanized steel for their tubes and fitting manufacturing. So, you should choose these products made of those quality materials only, and WR is a supplier of high-quality BSP Fittings for you.



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