Preparation is the key to overcome it. Yes, I am talking about job interviews. It doesn’t matter how much you are qualified if you didn’t get it right at the interview; you will not get the job. You spend many years to become a Structural Engineer. I mean, you studied hard for A-levels, degree, and for the licenses. And your ultimate goal is getting a job as a Structural Engineer, doesn’t it? What are your strengths? One of the most common questions we hear at interviews. They will ask it for sure. How can you express yourself then? Don’t make it sound fake. In this article, I am going to explain some of the key strengths that you should express in the interview. Let’s begin.

1) Communication skills

Well, from the way you express yourself at the interview, they will get a clue about your communication skills. You can’t lie to them so. Don’t get panic. I mean, you may be a good communicator, but if you get panic over there; you will mess it up. Anyway, don’t try to show that you are too good at it. As a Structural Engineer, you will have to work with many other professionals in the industry. And that’s why you need good communication skills:

Structural Engineer

2) Positive attitude

They will judge you from the way you walked in. A positive attitude does not mean being overconfident. OK, I will say; a good attitude. It’s expected of every employee. To become a Structural Engineer, you should reflect it from the way you talk, work, walk, handle situations, and so on. Did you work somewhere else before getting your degree? I would say a customer service job. Have you won an award for your excellent customer service? It’s a good example to prove your positive attitude. Anyway, they will judge you mostly from the minutes you spend with them in the interviewing room.

3) Teamwork

As I said above, as a Structural Engineer; you will have to work with a team of professionals. So, it should be one of your key strengths. To become a part of the team, improve your communication skills and develop a positive attitude. Dealing with a team of professionals is a challenge because they expect the same standards from you. On the other hand, you have to be energetic to cope up with their speed.

4) Able to grab things quickly

As a Structural Engineer, you will never stop learning throughout your career. Every project is a new challenge, and you will learn many new things. Which means you should be able to grab things quickly. So, at the interview, if they ask about your key strengths, say them; I am a quick learner.

5) Well, now let’s come to a tricky question. How about your weaknesses? It’s a common question, but people often get it wrong. Don’t say you are perfect. They will not believe you. Nobody is perfect in this world. Anyway, don’t open yourself too much and give them a list of your weaknesses. You can mention one of your weaknesses, but tell them that you have improved a lot on it.

I just highlighted five key strengths you should develop as a Structural Engineer. I am hoping to write the second part of this article soon.

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