While Furniture Movers provide affordable moving solutions for students, we thought of writing an article for the ones who don’t hire us. Students often move with their friends for their secondary studies. Anyway, student moving isn’t complicated. I mean, they don’t have much stuff to move (maybe just a table, bed, sofa, and the refrigerator.) Well, some students mess it up, sadly. And that’s why as experts in the moving industry, Furniture Movers thought of writing this article for students. Moving made easy for students here.

1) A moving checklist

 It will help you a lot if you are running on a tight schedule. Running on a tight schedule means you are stressing out of it. Furniture Movers tip: When you are stressed, the chance that you will miss things is higher. Make it the first step in your moving process. Talk to your friends who moved recently for more information.

2) Decluttering

Don’t move items that you really don’t need. Either give them to friends or sell online. Donate your old books, clothes, and shoes to the nearest charity shop. Students mostly move into apartments. There, you don’t have space to allocate for junks. Furniture Movers tip: Items you will use later in life – leave them at your parent’s house with their permission.

3) Furniture Movers or friends? furniture mover

 Well, students usually don’t hire a moving company when they move. They get a few of their friends to help them with it. Yes, that’s fine if you just have few items to move. Anyway, don’t take it too easy. It’s not a time to play or have fun. Of course, you can consider it after everything moved safely. If lots of stairs are involved, then hiring Furniture Movers is advisable.

4) Health and Safety

 It should be your number one priority. People get injured throughout the moving process, and the students are at a higher risk. Evaluate it first. As I said above, if lots of stairs are involved; then doing it yourself can be dangerous. Do you know the proper lifting techniques? Furniture Movers tip: depending on the items you have, decide how many friends you will need to do it safely.

5) Packing supplies

 Don’t use reused boxes for clothes. Make sure that the boxes you have – suitable for the purpose. Don’t use damaged, damped, and old boxes. If you are moving in a hurry, then don’t waste time on searching for boxes everywhere. Go to the nearest house improvement store, local hardware, or contact Furniture movers and get quality packing supplies for cheap. You can ask your friends too, but confirm it first; from where did they got them?

You know about it. If you don’t mark what’s in the boxes, then you will mess it up. Go through our blog for articles on labeling. What’s in, and where to go. That’s all you have to mark on each box. Start packing as early as possible to avoid last-minute issues. Only then you can do it without stressing over it. Well, hiring Furniture Movers is the best option to consider. We offer cost-effective moving solutions for students and small houses. Call us today and get a free quote.

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