Using Thermometer On Potentially Hazardous Food

The Thermometer has become a useful device in the food industry. Why Thermometer in the food industry? Well, consuming undercooked meat, fish and other foods can cause death. So, even the world’s largest food chain operator have a Thermometer to make sure their food meet safety standards. OK, the food and safety standards vary from country to country.

As a person who had worked in the world’s largest fast food chain, I know how much they care about the cooked level of the meat patties. In the UK, the internal temperature of a cooked beef patty should be above 75 Celsius. So, to make sure the grills are working properly; they check the internal temperature of the first round of meat patties with a Thermometer, and if the reading is below 75 Celsius, all the meat patties discarded and the grill calibrated by a shift manager (Well, I was a shift manager; and which is why I know it from A to Z.) In summary, every shop owner who sells, transport, stores, and cooks potentially hazardous food such as meat and fish, should have a Thermometer.


The importance of a Thermometer in the food industry explained further:

Again, I am putting my experience as a shift manager into words. We used to have three Thermometer in the restaurant. Having more than one meter is a must because if one fails, you need a backup meter. Well, I would just say it’s the “world’s largest fast food chain” without mentioning the name. Once a week, we even measure the internal temperature of the toasted buns with a special Thermometer. If the readings are below the standards, the shift manager should calibrate the toaster and take the readings again.

The morning shift manager should take the temperature in the freezer and the chiller with two separate Thermometers. Wait, I forgot something. Before taking any temperatures, every morning; the shift manager should make sure the Thermometer is working fine with the ice test. Taking the temperature of the first round of fish patties is a must. Not only that, the shift manager takes the temperature of the milkshake mix in the machine as well.

When the delivery truck comes, the shift manager takes the temperature of the transported milkshake mix, meat patties, and much more. If the temperatures of the transported items measured below the accepted range, the shift manager can refuse the delivery. Well, I am talking about the food and safety standard in the UK. We calibrate every toaster, fryer, steamer, and grill in the restaurant once a week as a must. In between, if we notice any error; we fix it straightaway. The reason for me to share my experience with you about the use of the  Thermometer in the food industry – to make you understand the importance of it for safe foods.

If you are a food chain restaurant owner, make sure to have at least two Thermometer in each shop. Before using the meter on food, clean the probe with sanitizing wipes. Wait until you get a stable reading. Clean and sanitize the probe after every use. Taking the temperature of one meat patty in a bag is sufficient (in the freezer.) If the internal temperature reading is below the acceptable range, get rid of the whole bag; not just the meat patty. Selling unsafe food could sue you for selling them. A Thermometer can save you from becoming a suspect/killer.

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