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International SEO Consultant: As much as you will want all your webpage and post ranking high on search engines you will probably not find that to be easy but this doesn’t mean you can’t still have traffic or increase the ranking on your lower ranked webpage, yes you can, and this is made possible through -Link building. Link building is the process of connecting webpage together through the use of backlinks placed on a more authoritative web page that links to a lower one in order to increase the chances that users will visit your lower ranked pages.

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This is called link juice. It is a non-technical term in International SEO Consultant that refers to the amount of value an authoritative webpage confers on a lesser valued page aided through the use of a backlink. The authority or value of a website is determined by its ranking, the higher it ranking the more value or the more authoritative the website is. So by connecting a lower ranked page to authoritative website could help drive traffic towards this website thereby increasing their ranking on search engines. Weblinks could be either external or internal.

External weblinks is when you connect your website to an external webpage not yours. On the other hand, internal weblinks is connecting lower ranked pages to higher ranking ones within your own website.  Either way it is still aimed towards increasing your website ranking.

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International SEO Consultant: Connecting a webpage toanother either internal or externally are guided by some rules:


Connect only related web pages or websites, using a backlink in an authoritative webpage to a lower ranking unrelated webpage will not do you any good because visitors coming to a webpage have a focus on what they are looking for so you will be doing yourself well by providing links on the higher ranking page by attaching related webpage. This will serve as a way by which visitors to a website can get more information on what they are looking for, by so doing they click on the link which in turn drives traffic towards these pages thereby increasing their ranking.

If you are a beginner in International SEO Consultant and you are not too sure of how to go about optimizing your website, then you can consider hiring an international seo consultant or a top rating SEO company like the SEO Company Sri Lanka for different SEO services. One of the services they can provide is the link building we just finished discussing on; they can assist you to link-up your website with highly authoritative related website by going through the content of your website. You don’t want to remain at the bottom of search results so you can consider hiring now.

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Link-building is a key optimization technique to help your lower ranking webpage rank higher by connecting them to authoritative and related web pages.  Link building could either be internal or external. As a beginner, you could adopt the use of the external links as you will still probably be building your website while trying to gain a stand in International SEO Consultant, overtime you can then begin to use the internal links when you have acquired some SEO optimized pages on your website.

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