What Is Backup and Restore?

Backup and Restore functions are integral to Microsoft Windows, introduced with the second edition of Windows Vista. It is a backup and restore feature for operating systems and programs.

Backup and restore are a built in component of Windows XP and Windows Vista, designed to make data backed up by Windows available for recovery at any time, even during system failure. It’s an alternative to NTBackup, which has been included in prior Windows versions.

Backup and Restore can be achieved in different ways. The easiest and most common is to copy over data files that have been backed up and restored, using the backup utility available on the hard drive of the operating system of your computer. These utilities can also be installed to the computer via the Internet or downloaded from the Internet. If you don’t have a backup utility installed on your computer, you may use the built in “restore point” to copy over the data files and then recover the files as needed.

backup and restore

However, the most difficult part of backing up and restoring is when the system is completely destroyed. In these situations you must use specialized software or tools to copy the data files from one backup location to another and then restore the files to your hard drive. Many of the backup utilities on the Internet will provide information on how to perform a backup and restore operation from one backup location to another.

There are two approaches to backing up and restoring – using the backup utility, or through a third party tool such as Registry Easy. Using the backup utility to copy over the files from one backup location to the other requires a little more work, although the end result will be much faster than trying to do it manually. You should be able to copy the files, open the registry editor, and select the appropriate backup and restore program for the file you are backing up or restoring.

Registry Easy can be used to restore the files in a matter of minutes. It is important to make sure that the registry editor is opened, since there are several applications that can cause registry problems that Registry Easy may delete and corrupt. This is an advanced step that may take some time. You can find the files and restore them if desired, but this is not recommended. In that case you would rather use Registry Easy and do the restoring yourself.

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