Government Job Vacancies

If you are an unemployed person with the skills to land a full-time or part-time job in the Government sector, you may wish to consider looking for Government job vacancies. Although there are many opportunities in Sri Lanka’s public sector, it is the government that provides the bulk of work opportunities in both industries. Thus, finding a Government job vacancy in Sri Lanka is an advantage. You can also try your luck on the popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace to let people know about your interest in the government sector.

Many employers look for Government jobs in Sri Lanka because they understand that the labour laws there are quite strict. Also, they recognize that only trained professionals will land a career in the government sector. Most important, when it comes to employing talented professionals in the government sector, employers do not require their workers to be entitled. In other words, the government does not have to compensate for part-time or temporary workers for the same jobs they provide full-time employees.

Hence, Government job vacancies are more competitive than positions in most companies because employers usually look for well-qualified and specialized applicants, and this is why it is advisable to take up as many Government job vacancies as possible. However, if you intend to settle down and work in the government sector, you should aim to work as a civil servant and not a managerial professional, unless you have a high degree of specialization in management.

Government job vacancies

The fact that so many jobs in the public sector have been revamped to conform with recent government reforms means that there is always work available. There are no shortages of opportunities in government service positions and no reason to stress over where to apply. So, if you are looking for government jobs in Sri Lanka, then look for these government job vacancies:

Undersecretary – Civil Service Posts (CSP) under the Department of Tourism and Sports are great for government job vacancies. The civil service posts offer competitive salaries, pensions, benefits and other exclusive benefits. Some CSP posts are available only for women, whereas others are open to both men and women. Other posts of this nature are also available in the departments of Fisheries, tourism, or housing.

Secretary – The position of the secretary in the government system is called a principal assistant secretary (PACS). You can look for one of these posts in the departments of Tourism, Healthcare, or the finance department.

Director-General of Finance – An extensive education and experience are required to land a job in the finance department of the government. The job posting site for this department explains how to apply for a government job vacancy.

Director-General of the Mines – There are some outstanding mining companies in Sri Lanka, which has experience in hiring qualified and experienced directors-general. To apply for a government job vacancy in this department, you should know what these posts entail. For more information, you can visit the government website listed below.

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