Immigration Lawyers Australia is a highly regarded organisation in the area of immigration law. Its success is based upon the fact that its members have vast experience and know-how in the field of immigration laws. It is, in fact, challenging to find legal practitioners who are not members of this organisation. The International Migration Institute, also known as the IMI, is another organisation which is known to provide excellent legal assistance to immigrants who require it.

There are two International Migration Institutes located in Australia. The Immigration Lawyer Program is one of them. The institute provides all the relevant accreditations and licenses to immigration lawyers Australia who want to specialise in immigration law. It is important to note, however, that if you are a foreign national, then you are not eligible for the program since most of the programs are not open to such individuals.

The other International Migration Institute is calling the International Migration Institute (IMI). It is an official partner of the Department of Immigration in Australia. It is however quite difficult to find any Australian immigration lawyers Australia working with this institute since most of the attorneys working there have already completed their coursework and are already a member of IMI. A skilled immigration lawyer is someone who can deal with the immigration laws in Australia.

Immigration lawyers Australia

These laws have undergone significant modifications over the last couple of decades. In addition to this, these laws are continually changing as the demands of immigration changes. This means that an immigration lawyer must be updated about the latest rules and regulations so that he can advise his clients well on the relevant areas of immigration law.

One of the requirements that an immigrant must fulfil to become a qualified immigration attorney is the passing of a written exam from the Australian Bar Association. The bar exam is a mandatory examination for every attorney practising in the country. If you want to become a member of the International Migration Institute, then you need to pass the exam so that you are eligible for a professional license to practice in immigration law.

These are some of the organisations that one can turn to when looking for immigration lawyers Australia. The requirements will be different, though, but they are quite simple, and the organisations are known to provide excellent quality service to their clients.


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