Located just 90 minutes from Melbourne, the Phillip Island is one of the well-known attractions in Australia. Phillip Island penguin parade — many people call it the Penguin Parade Melbourne. Penguin parade is the most popular attraction on the island. Over 3.5 million visitors from around the world visit this island every year because it is an all-in-one tourist destination. While it is difficult to say the exact number of activities, you can do on the island, we can say; “you can do a lot.” The enthusiastic staff and the layout of the island make it a perfect holiday experience for kids, teenagers, adults, couples, and disabled visitors.

Penguin Parade Melbourne

Penguin Parade Melbourne: What is it? Well, over 32,000 little penguins currently live on the island. Several groups of little penguins invade the brass beaches when the sunsets. This sight can easily melt your heart. Well, these little creatures are cute and smart. Did you know that the Phillip Island is the home for the smallest penguin species in the world? Fairy penguin is another way people call these cute creatures. Well, the Penguin Parade Melbourne is not just watching how these creatures walk on the beach. You can learn a lot about penguins in the conservation center. Also, the staff is more than happy to educate you on penguins’ behavior and lifestyle.

Why do penguins invade the beaches? Well, they are on the hunt for food to feed their young ones. Young penguins don’t hit the ocean until they become adult penguins. So, the young ones are left behind in the nests while the adult penguins spend the entire day in the ocean (fishing.) The adult penguins know when the sunsets — the time is right to feed their babies. Penguins are known for performing their day-to-day tasks such as feeding young ones in groups. That is how the Penguin Parade Melbourne have started. Adult penguins in groups hit the beach when the sunsets. Your kids will love seeing these little, cute creatures arrive at the beach in groups. “Raft” is the word for a group of penguins. 50-60 is the typical number of penguins in a raft. Penguins are known for taking care of the whole group. They look behind to ensure that each in the group is safe.

Well, it may sound expensive, but you can enjoy the Penguin Parade Melbourne for $150 (the packages price.) Also, you can cover other locations on the island, and you don’t need to have thousands of dollars to do it.

Well, you will not see the whole lot of penguins (32,000) on your visit to the island. You and kids can count at least 2000 penguins though. You are advised not make loud sounds, which can make these little creatures anxious (penguins are sensitive creatures.)

Tips for Penguin Parade Melbourne: These tips will let you have a perfect experience on the island, also; you can save these creatures for our future generations.

* Purchasing your tickets: The Phillip Island is a busy destination throughout the year. Anyway, the late autumn and winter are less busy when compared to other times of the year. Summer and school holidays are the peak times for Penguin parade Melbourne. So, booking your tickets in advance is highly advisable. Well, we are not going to give you all the details on ticket prices and packages here, but you can visit the official nature park website.

Penguin Parade Melbourne

General viewing zone, underground viewing, VIP viewing zone, and Penguin Plus are the ticket packages to consider. During colder season such as the late autumn and winter; book your tickets from underground or VIP. Don’t buy individual tickets (buying packages saves your money.) The Penguin Parade Melbourne starts when the sunsets. Anyway, you are advised to be in your seat an hour before the sunset. If you have purchased tickets from the underground viewing zone; be there 30 minutes before sunset.

* Penguin safety: No photos are allowed with the penguins. We know it sounds frustrating. Who would not love to take a photo with a cute, cuddly little penguin? Anyway, they have set that rule for the safety of these little creatures. Penguins are very sensitive creatures, so the camera flash can stress them, also; damage their vision. Well, you can take any amount of photos before the sunset. But, you should completely forget your camera when the penguins start invading the brass beach.

What else can you do on the trip to Penguin Parade Melbourne?: Well, the Phillip Island is a place for everything including wildlife, birdwatching, heritage walks, local markets, boat rides, adventure tours, summer theme parks, museums, galleries, walking/cycling tracks, golfing, restaurants, and much more. One day is not enough to cover all the activities on the island. Anyway, a day is more than enough to experience the Penguin Parade Melbourne. Some ticket packages cover more than one location on the island. Talk to the ticket office for more information on ticket packages and where you can visit with the same ticket.

A quick tip: the island is full of educational displays about animals and penguins. Reading those displays lets you update your knowledge on wildlife and the penguins. The displays are done in such a way your kids can understand too. Your kids can learn a lot about birds, village life, local markets, seals, Antarctic life, cattle, sheep, pigs, and much more. Well, the koala conservation center needs mentioning too. Start the trip early morning or in the evening if you plan a one-day trip.

Penguin Parade Melbourne tours: You can drive with your family to the island yourself. If you plan to go as a group; booking a trip organizer is advisable. They provide luxury buses, a guide, and other facilities to give you the best possible trip experience. Also, trip organizers can advise you on the best places to visit on the island and best ticket plans.

Penguin Parade Melbourne

Wrapping up: Penguin parade Melbourne is the best thing to consider for a change from ordinary trips. Since everything at one place; you can save money on travel and additional tickets. Wear warm clothes as the temperature close to the beach can drop even during summer. Well, you don’t need to worry about food and refreshments. The island is full of local restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels.

A Penguin Parade Melbourne is not an expensive trip (you can plan it on a tight budget.) In other words, it is a memorable experience for the whole family for under $1000. If you prefer to explore the whole island; be ready to spend a few hundreds of dollars as you will have to stay there for a few days.

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