Insulation is the long-term solution for temperature fluctuations caused by winter cold and summer heat. So, if you don’t have got this solution to your home means, the chance that you are going through hard times due to nasty heat fluctuations is pretty high. Or, we can say; undoubtedly, your life is not a comfortable one in your home. As a leading Insulation supplier in Australia, we have offered our first-class services for thousands of homeowners. And, a considerable percentage of those homeowners have shared their experience with us on not having protected their homes with thermal barriers. Today, we share some of those their thoughts with you; let’s get started! Anyway, we don’t share those clients’ name here!

An unhappy family: “The days without Insulation were like living in hell. We moved to that house a few weeks back but didn’t hire a home inspector when buying it. I didn’t know that the house’s Insulation was in a pretty nasty condition. We lived a peaceful and comfortable life in our former home, it was a rented property. But, everything got changed once we moved into this one. During the first week, all our kids got sick, and we had to admit them to the local hospital as well. We had to keep the heaters on all day long. To find the cause, I hired a home inspector; then he revealed the cause. The house was from the 20s, so its Insulation was in pretty bad shape. Moreover, the home inspector confirmed that those old thermal barriers contained traces of asbestos. Anyway, I didn’t wait long to correct things. I found out that IBS is a leader in Insulation; I came for it today!”


* Energy bills were skyrocketing: “Over the past few months, I noticed a frequent temperature fluctuation in my home. So, I realized that something is not right with Insulation; it was a house from the 60s. I hired a home inspector and found out the cause. It was old thermal barriers that were deteriorated to a greater extent. The home inspector suggested me new Insulation, but I became a fool. I told him, “I don’t need Insulation; I can rely on heaters and air conditioners.” The expert did explain the possible downsides of my unpractical choice, but I didn’t listen. At the end of the quarter, I realized, “I am a fool!” The energy bills were massive, I understood the money waste. And, one of my friends explained to me, “don’t waste Australia’s energy, man” Now, I have understood that Insulation is the “only” solution.”

Well, those two experiences are more than enough for you to understand the importance of Insulation. And, those facts are applicable to all the property types, not only for homes. There’s nothing called “I can maintain ideal temperature levels with heaters and air conditioners, without Insulation.” What we say is this! People so-called from heating system companies may say, “our heating system is more than enough, you don’t need Insulation.” But, they never highlight energy bills. Insulation is an element that doesn’t use any energy form. So, it lasts for many decades, creates a perfect atmosphere in your home, and saves thousands of dollars on energy bills, in the long run.


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