Cheap Movers Melbourne: The Dark Side Of Free Moving Boxes

Everybody wants to save money when they move. Of course, house moving is expensive, so people find ways to minimize the costs somehow. Free packing supplies – people look for it. All moving blogs have articles about finding free packing supplies. You will find articles about it on Cheap Movers Melbourne blog too. Anyway, today we are going to show you the big picture. What are the cons of using free boxes? Are they fit enough for the job? How about getting packing supplies from Cheap Movers Melbourne? Yes, everything explained here.

1) Cleanliness: It’s the top weak point I see here. As a person who cares about cleanliness, can you trust re-used boxes? You don’t know where they were, and what was in them. People use boxes to transport various items including animals. Cheap Movers Melbourne advice: Never use reused shipping boxes. Yes, shipping boxes are strong and hard, but you can’t rely on their cleanliness. Did you know that reused boxes can hold bacteria, parasites, and other disease-causing pathogens? Will you pack your baby’s items in them

2) The purpose?: We are talking about house moving. So, you need boxes designed for house moving. Big reused boxes you found from the local market aren’t the right ones for household item packing. Read the instructions on it. Yes, it may be a bigger box, but it will hold only 1-2 kilos safely in it. Now, would that be enough for your heavy chinaware? Cheap Movers Melbourne never ask for reused boxes from customers (even the ones we sold them.) Yes, some moving companies do it.

3) Damped boxes: Damped re-used boxes can be the reason for the biggest money waste. You will not always notice it. Mold growth is a sign of damped boxes. Water-damaged boxes can cause disasters. These boxes have lost all their structural integrity. Also, damped boxes can be the perfect home for bacteria and parasites.

4) It’s time-consuming: Searching for reused boxes everywhere may not be the option if you move in a hurry. Well, people will give you old boxes they have, but all will not suit for the purpose. What’s the best option then? Contact Cheap Movers Melbourne for proper packing supplies including boxes. House improving stores also have quality packing supplies. It’s the best option to consider if you move in a hurry.

5) Friends and neighbors: OK, if you move with a tight budget, then you will not spend money on packing supplies from the mover you hired. Rather than going to the local market to find free boxes, why don’t you ask from friends and neighbors? If one of your friends moved recently, then talk to him. Anyway, ask him first from where he got them.

OK, now you know the danger of using reused boxes. Large supermarkets, shopping centers, home electronics stores, book stores, liquor stores, and recycling centers are the places you can ask boxes from. Anyway, as I said above, you can’t rely on them 100%. Professional moving companies such as Cheap Movers Melbourne has the best boxes for the lowest price. OK, even if you don’t hire us, you can buy boxes from us. Our specially designed boxes for house moving will protect your items throughout the moving process.

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