Cheap Movers Melbourne: The Dos And Don’ts Of Unpacking

OK, now you are in the new home left with “everywhere boxes” and stuff. You hired Cheap Movers Melbourne, so everything went well, and you are happy. A happy story, right? Anyway, we can unpack most of your items, but our customers don’t usually hire us for it. So, today; Cheap Movers Melbourne is here to give you tips on unpacking items in your new home. What should you do and what you shouldn’t? Everything explained in this article. Let’s begin with Dos:

* First of all, let me ask you a question. Have you made the essential box? The  “essential box” is an essential to get going in the new home. Can you spend time on looking for a toilet paper roll unpacking every box? How can you set up the bed for your tired kids quickly? Can you be looking through every box for your daily medicine? No, right? And which is why Cheap Movers Melbourne advise customers to pack an essential box or a survival kit. Unpacking the “essential box” is the first step. Well, I have written many articles on the essential box or the survival kit; and I have explained the reasons for not handing over it to your moving company. Take it in your car.

* OK, now you have unpacked the survival kit. Next, you move to the kitchen item boxes. If you have labeled each box clearly, then you will have no trouble in locating the boxes. Anyway, be cautious when unpacking kitchen item boxes because they have many fragile items. If you are not confident in unpacking fragile item boxes, leave it to the Cheap Movers Melbourne. A tip: if you do it yourself; take your time and don’t panic. Unpack the coffee maker and the toaster for a toast and a relaxing coffee (you are hungry as it was a hectic day.)

* If you are too tired, don’t force yourself to unpack all the boxes. Unpacking the essential box would be sufficient to spend the first night. Once you have unpacked the main essentials, walk around and enjoy the new home. The whole family can go to a local restaurant exploring the new neighborhood. Well, if you are excited about the new neighborhood; you would probably go for an exploring walk, before unpacking the boxes. Don’t open too many boxes at once, go from one by one.

OK, so far; Cheap Movers Melbourne explained the dos of unpacking. Now let’s see the don’ts.

* Have you decided the place for your over-sized table? Don’t move the table if you haven’t chosen the right place. Dismantling and reassembly of furniture are tricky, so consider leaving it to the Cheap Movers Melbourne. Make a floor plan in advance, so you can let the professionals know where the furniture should go in the new home.

* There’s no time limit to unpack the boxes. If you have unpacked the essentials, for the rest; you can take your time. Anyway, don’t wait for months to finish the job.

If you hire a full-service moving company such as Cheap Movers Melbourne, they will finish unpacking in no time. OK, great. Hope you will find this article useful. Don’t rush yourself. You might want to go to sleep straight away since it was a hectic day. If you are too tired, do it; that’s fine.

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Eryn Barro July 21, 2017 at 7:16 am

Very informative article, thanks for sharing!

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