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Cheap Removalists Melbourne Experts Reveal The Right Way Moving Your Kid’s Toys

Every mover’s blog section have hundreds of articles on choosing the right moving company, how to pack your fragile items and so on. Of course, those are very useful articles for everyone who are planning for a home change. Cheap Removalists Melbourne has published many articles on general tips, but today we up to something new. Now you know how to choose the right moving company, how to lower moving stress, how to deal with your kids, and so on.

Perhaps, tackling your kid’s toys would be the toughest job of all. Do you know how much your daughter will get hurt if you just stuffed her dolls in a box? Cheap Removalists Melbourne knows how hard the job is, so they want to give some golden tips on moving your kid’s toys without hurting her feelings. Let’s see how you can do it.

1) Deciding what to keep, donate, and to throw:

Not harming your kid’s feelings is the main aim of the Cheap Removalists Melbourne. So, keep this important factor in your mind when deciding what to go where. You are dealing with your kid’s toys, so give him the full control over what he will keep. Anyway, you can cleverly show your kid the right path. Keeping old/damaged toys just take space in your home. Explain him about donation. Once you prepared his mindset for donation, take him to the nearest charity shop and donate the toys in good condition.

OK, now you have donated half of his toys to the local charity shop. Now it’s the time to choose the toys that should go to the bin. Get rid of all the broken/damaged/unwanted toys with your kid’s permission.

2) Cheap Removalists Melbourne way of packing:

OK, now you are left with the toys to take with to the new home. Toys are delicate items so packing them need extra care.

Cheap Removalists Melbourne

* Stuffed Teddy Bears, Monkeys, Minions, and so on:

Remember, your kid sleep with the soft toys, so pack them in a way that dust and water don’t contaminate with the toys. You would think, “I can use the soft toys as padding for the safety of my fragile items,” but you are wrong. Crushing the stuffed animals would chance their shapes permanently. Cheap Removalists Melbourne tip: Wash the toys at least a week before the moving day (only the washable ones, and wrap them in white papers individually before packing in boxes.)

* Puzzles and Kits:

Toys that come as many pieces should go dismantled into the packing boxes. Pack each of them in separate bags, then pack in boxes. A single missing piece would make a puzzle or a piece set useless.

* Books:

Well, I know they are not toys, but it’s your kid’s belongings; so pack them separately. Packing books in big boxes is not a good idea as a box full of books is a nightmare, when it comes to moving. Cheap Removalists Melbourne staff have a method to protect the books from water damage. They put the book in a garbage bag before packing in boxes. It would protect your kid’s books from rain and snow.

* Breakables and Tech-Gadgets:

Wrap all the fragile toys in t-shirts, pillowcases, or towel. The electronic educational toys need professional hands, so leave them to Cheap Removalists Melbourne experts.

Keep some toys in hand (their favorites,) so your kids can play in the car throughout the journey.

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