Removalists Melbourne

Piano Removalists Melbourne

Do you need to move your PIANO and are looking for Piano Removalists in Melbourne – or To and from Country Victoria to Melbourne? Do you want to move your piano to destinations like Country NSW, Interstate to Sydney, Canberra Newcastle an ACT  – you call Piano Removalists Melbourne for all kind of piano removal.

We are a family owned company operated by a team of experienced established in 1970. We handle Pianos like jewel pieces – fragile, valuable and of high sentimental value. We move the smallest upright piano to a full king size Concert Piano that could weigh upto 500 kg or even more.

You should you choose Piano Removalists Melbourne because?

Piano is all we ever do and all the time – We specialize in everything to do with Pianos and repair and restoration on pianos – in a workshop specially designed for the same.

Under the roof of Piano Removalists Melbourne we offer a wide range of services like :

  1. Moving Pianos
  2. Clean and Piano storage
  3. Tuning and Restoring Pianos
  4. Accessibility and expertise to move Piano from narrow staircases with the help of a crane and other equipment.

Check out the list of happy smiles we get from our age old trusted customers who keep coming back to us and have written some lovely heart warming reviews as a complimentary gift for our services.

Removalists Melbourne

It is difficult to find genuine Piano specialist- and you can easily trust us as one of the rare Piano Removalists in Melbourne because we understand that it is a prized possession and we are sensitive to the attachment and relationship you have with it.

Services at Piano Removalists Melbourne – Transport Piano OUR way:

While moving your Piano from one destination to another we have purpose built trucks that are enclosed. This makes sure that your piano is secure under all kinds of extreme weather conditions. It also helps the piano free from Vermin and dust.

Piano Removalists Melbourne are covered by insurance – the most comprehensive kind. The insurance covers your precious piano right from the time we arrive to move it from your home to the time we install it at your new home and leave. It also covers public liability, your home and property.

There is n one like Piano Removalists in Melbourne – as we use a piano trolley that is specialized and has soft rubber wheels so that your tiled or slate flooring will be safe and protected when the the trolley pulls the heavy piano.

The piano is stored in a secure truck and wrapped in two sets of thick blankets as well as a soft thick strapping.

Piano Removalists Melbourne also have ramps and other adequate equipment if the piano has to be moved over staircases, balconies or gardens.

Pianos are not the only musical instruments we move – we at Piano removalists Melbourne also move harpsichords, organs and digital pianos.

Come to Piano Removalists Melbourne and we can assure that you will always be with us for a lifetime with us – as we strongly believe in customer relationship. We give you the benefit of every need for your piano – all under one roof.

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