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Features of IT Solutions

There are a huge range of Services provided by IT Solutions for smooth operation of companies at various levels of their operations.

Network Solutions

IT Solutions provide network solutions where they provide total technological solutions to their clients of any size. They have a team that has varied skill sets to enable them to handle services like the following:

  • Redesign a website
  • Set up internet marketing campaign
  • Manage a sprawling network
  • Create a customized shopping cart

Hardware Solutions

It Solutions have the ability to handle the problems that happen in your computer component when you start looking for hardware solutions. One should know that hardware and software should work together so that efficient power of computing can be produced. As an extension of hardware solutions – IT Solutions also provide laptops, UPS, Routers, USB Drives, Printer, Scanners, CCTV Cameras, System Accessories.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can be done as a service of IT Solutions. Video Surveillance is to monitor the behavior of videos of any kind. Surveillance helps to observe directly, or through binoculars, CTVs, cameras, postal interception. This is especially helpful when the surveillance is done where a large number of organizations are involved in the surveillance.IT Solution

Video Conferencing

IT Solutions is integral in saving customers time and money by providing videos that are customized for conferencing. IT Solutions can stand apart from their competitors if they have an experience of production environment. They provide 24×7 production environments to the clients backed by years of expertise gained by handling thousands of operations experienced on the job.


N Computing is a kind of IT Solutions that transform the PC Experience. Here, with the help of technology every desktop system is turned into powerful platforms that can be used easily by multi-users. There are low in cost and highly efficient in energy. A maximum of 30 users can have access to a single PC and have the ability of using the desktop independently as well.

IT Solutions has never looked back even since NComputing started giving customers a virtual solution that has quick time-to-value, affordable and extremely high on performance services.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery is one of the most sought after IT Solutions that manage to recover any critical data that may have got lost by various methods like

  • Accidentally deleting it
  • Mechanical drive failure
  • Drive formatting
  • Virus attack
  • Disk making clicking sounds
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Sabotage
  • Power surge

This data is recovered by IT Solutions from hard disk drives that are formatted on MAC, Windows or any other operating systems as well. IT Solutions recover data in the following manner and sources:

  • Laptop and desktop drives
  • NAS Storage
  • CD-DVD
  • RAID Servers
  • Removable Drives
  • Other Digital Services

Customized Solutions

IT Solutions can exist in the fast and changing times by providing personnel and relationships to handle and take on the spot decisions. IT Solutions should believe in imparting knowledge and empowering to all the executives so that they are equipped to take independent decisions which can only be raised by building an environment of think-tank.

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