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Why should you get married to a Structural Engineer

OK, you might find this article to be “strange,” but I am writing with personal experience. My wife is a Structural Engineer, and the life with her is a “perfect one.” She has many good qualities that make the relationship stronger each day. I am happy that I made the right choice in my life (getting to married to her.) Well, it’s not just the Structural Engineers, all the engineers have unique qualities. Maybe they get these qualities through what they learn and the industry. Engineering is not an easy-peasy job, you are a responsible individual. Below I am highlighting the unique qualities of my wife (Structural Engineer.)

1) She keeps track of the details:

She remembers everything. She keeps a track record of the life. From finance to children’s education, she records the details. I think it’s a good quality in her. A Structural Engineer never forgets his/her husband’s birthday (no matter how busy they are.) By keeping track of the details, they make sure no room for error. So, whatever she does is “pretty close to perfect.”

2) Structural Engineers are logical individuals:

I can say “she never gets too emotional.” She makes the decisions, not from the heart. Since she doesn’t act on her emotions, she is very committed to keeping up the relationship. Structural Engineers don’t take loose decisions.

3) She is not lazy:

Structural Engineers are hardworking individuals. I have had never seen she becoming a “couch potato.” Getting qualified as a Structural Engineer needs dedication and mental stability. No matter how the day was busy, she wants to cook a good dinner for the family. She is physically very active. I think it comes with their University years. She actively gets involved in keeping the family strong through the hard times, and I love that quality.

4) Structural Engineers are DIY champions:

They are very creative individuals. She has the skills to build something herself. If something is broken in our home, she is the first person who tries to fix it. Her calculations are 100% accurate. She is a master in fixing broken things (including my heart.)

Structural Engineer

5) Structural Engineers think carefully before making a decision:

She never takes sudden/harsh/spontaneous decisions. A sudden decision can lead to a major disaster. Before choosing the right material for a structure, the Structural Engineers analyze all the forces and qualities of the materials. My wife is the same. She takes her time to make a decision. Anyway, that decision can literarily solve “any issue” in the world. When something is stressing me out, I have a table chat with her. Then I walk out the table every time with a clear mind.

6) Structural Engineers are natural-born problem solvers:

My wife the best example I have to prove this fact. I think – all the people who are natural-born problem solvers become engineers in the future. She never runs away from a problem. The engineering logic is their biggest strength in problem-solving. Structural Engineers have equations to solve even the biggest issues in family life.

Some final words:

If you have a crush on an engineering girl, try your best to win her heart. The family lived with a Structural Engineer would be a “stable experience” for anyone. The world is developing rapidly, so the demand for engineers goes up at a higher rate. On the other hand, they make big money by designing skyscrapers. Good luck in winning her heart so.

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