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What happens after you contact Cheap Movers Melbourne?

Have you heard the well-known idiom, “moving house is stressful.” Everybody, including me, go through this stressful experience at least once in a lifetime. Well, if there’s a way to minimize this stress, it would be great, isn’t it? Oh! I am happy to say; Cheap Movers Melbourne is there for you to minimize your moving stress. When you know what’s going to happen next, you will stress less. So, I am writing this article to let you know what would happen after you contact Cheap Movers Melbourne. Below what they do step by step:

1) Give you a removals quote: Every house move is different. So, Cheap Movers Melbourne will ask for an item list (written) to be moved. Also, let them know “moving from” and “moving to.” Elevator access, access issues, parking problems, too many stairs, are the important things you should tell them without keeping secrets.

Cheap Movers Melbourne carefully goes through the list and information you give, and provide you an accurate quote. Giving accurate information is your part. If there are additional items to move (that you forgot,) then they can charge you extra. Anyway, Cheap Movers Melbourne lets you know why and for what you are paying extra (Every charge will be on the invoice.)

2) Confirming Details: Let Cheap Movers Melbourne know whether you are happy with the quote or not. If you are happy, it’s better if you can let them know via an email, not just a call. Ask them about the reservation payment. Moving companies are very flexible and accept credit card, cash, or cheque payments. You can ask to pay in installments, but you settle the full payment by the time relocation completed. After the agreement, Cheap Movers Melbourne would issue you a confirmation in writing including dates.

Cheap Movers Melbourne

3) Confirm arrangements ahead of time: OK, now you have hired Cheap Movers Melbourne and everything confirmed. The day before the pick-up date, they will give you a “confirming call.” They will let you know their arrival time, so you better be ready to roll. Well, a good moving company would come on time most of the time (they would inform you any delays.) The day before the delivery, they will ring you and inform the time (Interstate moves take more than one day to complete.)

4) The moving day: If you have packed the items yourself, Cheap Movers Melbourne assess your packing. It’s better you getting professionals to pack fragile items and antiques. They will plan loading items safely into their trucks. Did you pay for a partial load? Don’t worry! They give your goods their own space. Your items won’t get mixed with other customer’s items.

Once arrived at the delivery point, they will give a helping hand to place everything. If you can, let them know what to go where (early as possible.) Lastly, they wall start unloading and setting up your house. While they are unpacking the items, you check for any damaged items. If you notice any, you better let them know about it.

Summary: Cheap Movers Melbourne loves to do a great job. If you have any ideas and suggestions that you can give them to improve their service, you are most welcome to give your opinions. You can also rate their service on their website. Good customer reviews are important for a moving company, so they try their best to give you a great service.

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