Kind of People to avoid who manage IT Solutions

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Kind of People to avoid who manage IT Solutions

Working in a team is very interesting as it involves managing people with different personalities, knowledge, and experience. It is more so in a company that requires IT Solutions as the key feature to run the business. Diversity in people brings to the table some very thought provoking viewpoints and perspectives. Often these end up in brainstorming sessions leading to out of the box solutions.

Hiring the right IT employees is tricky as there are patterns of some typical personality traits that are not suited for people managing IT Solutions:

I Know Everything

IT Solutions managers often have this know all kind of person who is constantly trying to seek the applause and praise of others. This kind of IT Managers make clever remarks by speaking some very high level technical language often used to impress as not understood easily. If you do a rain check their real inputs to IT Solutions is minimal.

Even if these kind of IT Solutions Managers have the technical know – one must be wary of them.

Yes Mam and Yes Sir – People

IT Solutions involve tedious and painstaking process to solve or work on a project. There are IT Manager who take on more than they can chew – so that they are always ready to please everyone and can seldom say NO to anyone. End of the day such false promises cause disappointment and discord amongst the co-workers amongst themselves as well at the IT Solutions department. For Smooth operation of IT Solutions there is barely any scope of delays and mistakes.


 IT Solutions

The Gossip Mongers

Everyone knows who are gossip mongers be it IT Managers or employees in any other department. It is sad when truth is twisted and turned by the IT managers to suit their purpose. The rumors spread by the gossipers spread fast and are detrimental to the growth of the organization. These are spread due to a lack of security and often gives a sense of self importance. Such a person is dangerous for the health of your IT Department.

Control Freaks

People who have control issues have a tendency to flare up at the smallest trigger and are often self-critical, hostile and very competitive. People like these are a bad choice for managing IT as they are rigid in their attitude and are not flexible in terms of problem solving issues. The seldom accept their mistakes. They are not successful team players.

IT Solutions Managers are forever dealing with people and should have a problem solving attitude. They should be able to solve conflicts  and communicate with their team easily. Successful IT Solutions Managers always want improvement for the company they are working with.

Passive-Aggressive Types

Managing IT is the backbone to a company. If employees in the office start avoiding any kind of confrontation with the IT Solutions Manager you should know that there is some trouble brewing. This is evident when people start leaving post its with comments on the IT managers desk rather than facing him. People start pretending that all is ell when it is actually not. IT Solutions are successful when there are straightforward answers to solutions that require instant response – rather than beating around the bush.    

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