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As one of the leading manufacturers of hand-crafted espresso machines in the world, La Marzocco knows about coffee since the 19th century. Coffee is one the greatest beverages ever discovered by the humans. As a huge coffee fan, one day; I was watching what the barista in the coffee shop does with the espresso machine. The way she was playing with the espresso machines was eye-catching. I mean, she was enjoying what she was doing. Then I thought to myself – why didn’t I buy an espresso machine for my home. My wife too loves it because she is a huge coffee fan like me. At La Marzocco, I have helped many people to find the right espresso machine for their homes, but I never thought of buying a machine for my home. Anyway, that barista girl changed my mind. I choose the best domestic espresso machine available at La Marzocco, and now I am proud to say; that machine brought happiness to our home. Read further to know how it happened.

* I am kind of addicted to coffee. Well, my wife too. I mean, we can’t start the day without that refreshing morning coffee cup. But we used to have sachet coffee, and we didn’t like it much. Now, we have one of the best domestic espresso machines by La Marzocco in our possession. So, it is just a matter of walking to the kitchen for that homemade, refreshing morning coffee. That coffee cup keeps us running all day long. The feeling you get when you do it yourself is priceless. We enjoy the morning better than ever now.

La Marzocco


* We are exploring coffee now. Owning an espresso machine lets you call for your inner barista. Well, still, we are nowhere near a professional barista. But we have improved a lot since the day we purchased the machine from La Marzocco. Don’t buy a pod machine if you want to explore coffee. The pod machine restricts you to what it can do. An espresso machine, on the other hand; allows you to explore the world of coffee at your home. Now, doesn’t that sound fun? Weekend mornings are the perfect times for exploring coffee. What a way to start the weekend?

* Operating an espresso machine can be a challenge sometimes. Anyway, if you buy a machine from a world-leading manufacturer such as La Marzocco, then everything will be provided in the instruction manual. Well, you will take some time to get familiarized with it though. We took it as a challenge, and we won it. Some people say that espresso machines consume a lot of electricity. Yes, what they say is true, but can you put a price on the happiness that the machines can bring to your home?

* You can surprise your guests with coffee made by your hands. After you have explored the world of coffee with the machine that you bought from La Marzocco, you can do better as close to a barista. Now, that’s a good way to surprise your guests.

La Marzocco

Some final thoughts: Owning a coffee machine brings happiness to your home in many ways. No need to walk all that distance to the coffee shop for the morning coffee anymore. Buy your espresso machine from a reputable manufacturer such as La Marzocco.

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