Removalists Melbourne

Removalists Melbourne

If you are looking for a Removalists Melbourne who also provides storage and packing material, you have come to the right place:

We as best removalists in Melbourne not only pack, move, load and unload your items when you are moving house or office. We also have a fully equipped packaging shop at our approachable shop in Melbourne. Our shop has boxes to move in, bubble wrap, tapes and much more…

Check out the items we have with the price list on request. We also deliver these items to you wherever you require it from Removalists in Melbourne. For most of the suburbs in Melbourne metro the delivery is free. If you order above $ 80 or for outside the Melbourne suburbs a delivery charge may apply.

All you need to do is select the item, fill out a small simple form and submit the packing order of your choice from the Best removalists in Melbourne.

Here is a list of the items provided in our storage shop (with the most competitive rates as compared to other removalists in Melbourne).

Small – Moving Box – Suitable for smaller and heavier items like cans, cutlery, bottles , books.

Large – Moving Box – Suitable for moving items like crockets, glass ware and crockery.

Bubble Wrap – this is widely used and is handy when packing bigger size items – like vases, paintings , lamps.

Clear packing Tape and Tape cutter  – we look into all that is required from Removalists in Melbourne and provide tape that is high in quality to seal and secure boxes as you hire removalists in Melbourne. The tape cutter is equipped to cut the tape efficiently and quickly – it saves time and also reduces the wastage of tape.

Clear – Shrink Wrap – Most of the Removalists in Melbourne overlook this very crucial product . This is used to wrap furniture and mattresses – it makes the furniture damage free and avoids dust .

Removalists Melbourne

Solutions for Storage – Removalists Melbourne where the STORE comes to you :

As the most experienced and well equipped Removalists in Melbourne we have recently added a feather in our cap – by opening a fully fledged Storage solution . A storage cage is especially designed as per the items that you have and it is put inside a truck and carried to your home. The most experienced removalists in Melbourne travel back with the truck – help you remove the stuff and arrange it inside a cage like structure . Once it is all secure the cage is transported directly to the warehouse where it is stored securely for your later usage.

This absolutely new method of handling the items saves a lot of anxiety for our customers. Traditionally removalists in Melbourne would take the items and then store them on their own. We as the modern and technologically modern removalists in Melbourne – load it only once in the cage – saving you added cost of loading at your home and then unloading it in the store. We just have to unload the cage and store the cage in our super huge storage facility in the suburbs of Melbourne. Look into our website to find the details of what are the prices and options for storage just waiting for you to hire the best removalists in Melbourne.


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