Insulation Removal Melbourne

Insulation Removal Melbourne

Why does one need to remove old Insulation? 

  1. Health Risk is the biggest Reason for Insulation removal Melbourne

Health risk is the key factor for insulation removal due to building up of dirt, dust, rubbish, nests with the passage of years.  The roof cavity should be airtight so that there are no seepages through the cracks and vents if ventilation fans, ducts, fittings of lights, etc. This spreads unwanted germs into the air of the house or structure.

The one who get most effected are people suffering from Asthma and Dust allergies due to dust building up in the roof area. This causes trigger to allergens and can be easily prevented by insulation removal to make one breathe easily with less amount of irritation. The updated material used for insulation can be installed – modern sciences have material tested for allergy triggers and sometimes completely free of allergy. Different types of insulation used has different effects on people’s health.

  1. Safety Risks Insulation removal in Melbourne

As per research by insulation removal experts in Melbourne – the number of houses catching fire that originate from the roof are increasing every year. One of the main causes are the down lighting used in the modern times – that turn dangerous if they are not properly covered for fire safety. The down lights in the ceiling are an accident waiting to happen any moment if proper precautions are not taken.

Insulation Removal Melbourne

Other that the above if insulation is not removed there are movements in the ceiling caused by nesting birds, people or rodents – and even if one down light reaches a temperature of 200-300 degrees it can be fatal – as per records in Melbourne.  Old and dry insulation takes seconds to catch fire. Even though smoke alarms are installed – they are sometimes a false hope people have as they can rarely detest ceiling fires and may be fatatl or too late to detect.

  1. Existing Insulation that is damaged or to be replaced 

Insulating homes can reduce the heating and cooling bills to a large extent.  If the roof insulation is properly installed the energy bill comes down by 20-25%. There could be 2-5 percent gaps in the ceiling insulation making the insulation effectiveness go down by more than 50%.  Most of the heat either goes out or comes in through ceiling or exits in the roof – therefore make sure the insulation is effectively working. A good insulation has to be changed after 20-15 years as people live in the myth that once it is installed the insulation will remain life long. In case the insulation gets damaged – you will have to get the insulation removed and installed again and sooner for best insulation in Melbourne.

  1. Noise Proofing – Insulation Removal – Melbourne

It is not only loud noises that cause health problems – even low level of noise exposed over  a long period of time maybe the cause for health issues. Acoustic Insulation products are the most effective method to remove noise insulation. Once this gets damaged it makes the people in the next room get disturbed – therefore is advisable to apply insulation removal for damaged acoustic blocks and re-install new ones to sleep peacefully in Melbourne.

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