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Precautions to take before hiring someone for SEO Melbourne

 It is easy to find a SEO expert in Melbourne. Whenever one has to launch a new website or redesign and existing website – be it for selling product, services or self branding one has to contact the most crucial services SEO in Melbourne. There are all kinds of services available under the umbrella of SEO. Therefore, as a website owner one should be careful so that you don’t get people who may be taking you for a ride.

What should one be wary of while looking for SEO firms/agents in Melbourne?

*BeWARE of spam mails offering services of SEO in Melbourne. Everyone gets these spam emails, one has to be careful as these could be fraud.

*No one doing SEO be it in Melbourne or anywhere in the world – can offer #1 Page Ranking on Google searches. Beware of SEO firms who guarantee a special connect with Google or have a priority option with Google. Google does not take anyone on priority. One can submit a website directly to Google without the need of a SEO firm in Melbourne. One can submit the website through ADD URL or submitting a Sitemap at NO hidden Cost.

*Avoid SEO firms in Melbourne who offer link to an SEO: There are SEO firms propagate or sell schemes for link popularity or submitting the client’s site to thousand search engines. These will never effect rankings of your page in any major search engines.

SEO Melbourne

*If the SEO firm you have chosen in Melbourne in sounding secretive in revealing what they intend to do for SEO optimization – be cautious. SEO firms may make misleading content or deceptive content on your behalf – it could Effect your website adversely and be removed from Google’s index. Even if you are hiring them for SEO in Melbourne – it is important to know how and what they intend to do for SEO optimization. An SEO firm can be given FTP access to your website’s server and therefore you have full right to receive apropagateof all the changes they are making on their end.

*Read about the reviews or industry reports while you are considering whether to go with the SEO firm you have chosen in Melbourne. A proper research is necessary before hiring anyone.

*Google does not sell page ranking on your search results. These rankings are organic and traffic comes naturally to your website or through advertising through Google AdWords. If a SEO firm in Melbourne says otherwise believe me they are not giving you the true picture. Therefore, be careful of fraudulent practices by SEO firms.

Some common things to look out for while hiring SEO firm in Melbourne: 

    1. If the SEO firm you have hired in Melbourne owns shadow domains.
    2. If SEO firms offer to sell keywords in address bar – make sure you do not let this happen.
    3. If SEO firm you hired in Melbourne put links on doorway pages to their other clients.
    4. If they say that they can guarantee high page ranking and that too on long keyword phrases – which a website can get on their own.
    5. If the SEO firm is not able to give you the difference between ads appearing on search results pages and actual search.
    6. If the SEO firm in Melbourne happens to get traffic from ‘fake’ search engines.

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