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Proof That Cheap Movers Melbourne Really Works

Well, I am writing this article to show you that there’s something truly called “Cheap Movers Melbourne.” I know, every day, you come across lots of websites, paper advertisements, and Television Commercials on “Cheap Movers.” Are they really cheap? If they are, how about their service. Can you trust and rely on their service. If you have these doubts, don’t worry! Read this article and fall in love with Cheap Movers Melbourne.

Cheap Movers Melbourne Price Tag: Your piano, glassware, framed photos, and furniture are your treasures. How are you going to move this treasures from one place to another, safely? Well, Cheap Movers Melbourne would do it safely with a low-budget. I went on the Internet and compared Price Tags of some service providers. My research proved me that these professionals would cost less than you trying to move things yourself and breaking many of the valuable stuff. Below are some cheap rates of professionals highlighted:

* Some reputed companies charge as low as $30/hour/packer. They only charge once they reached your house or office. So, you don’t have pay extra. One item moving just cost $30. Check below packages:

1) 1 Bedroom Unit Moving: $50-$70/hour. (1 mover and 2-ton Van or 2 movers 2-ton Van)

2) 2-3 Bedroom House Moving: $90-$115/hour. (2 movers and 4-ton truck or 3 movers and 4-ton truck)

3) 3-4 Bedroom House Moving: $99/hour. (2 movers and 6-ton truck)

4) 4-5 Bedroom House Moving: $105/hour. (3 movers and 6.5-ton truck)

5) 5+ Bedroom House Moving: $130/hour. (3 movers and 8-ton truck)

Cheap Movers Melbourne

All above price tags include Public Liability Insurance and GST. What do you think now? Cheap Movers Melbourne cost less, doesn’t it? Under certain factors, prices may change, so talk with company representatives.

Cheap Movers Melbourne Benefits: As I said before, under certain factors they might charge a bit extra. However, Cheap Movers Melbourne gives benefits, too:

* They don’t charge extra on Public Holidays.

* No Surcharges for stairs.

* Weekdays and weekends moving cost the same.

* Their professional service is safe and quick.

Some of your questions answered: Well, you may have some more things going in your mind. Here I am just predicting them giving you a release. See your questions and answers below:

* What about moving bulky/odd items? Yes, with their skills, experience, and the fleet of vehicles, Cheap Movers Melbourne would move anything.

* Booking Fee? No.

* What you get for your money? Friendly, cheap, cost-effective, and professional service.

* Can I trust Cheap Movers Melbourne? Yes, the company is fully insured, and the staff is Police-checked.

Cheap Movers Melbourne Free Quote: This is more useful when comparing price tags. Well, you don’t have to go to each service providers to get a quote. Things are made easy now. Just give a ring or fill the online form on their website. Include any other information that you concern in the “Other Comments” box. Do as many you can and find the best deal. Some “Comparing Websites” worth checking, too.

Some Final Words: Now it’s clear that the Cheap Movers Melbourne must be your first choice for moving. They even give free tips and advice on how to pack stuff safely. Doing the move yourself is too stressful. You can’t afford to lose money by moving things yourself. Whether that move is local or interstate, Cheap Movers Melbourne is there for you.

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