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Questions to ask couples before shooting Wedding Videos Part-1

OK, this article is more useful for the beginners. As an experienced videographer who is in the industry for decades, you must be knowing what to ask from couples. I am focusing more on the beginners who wants to become rising talents.

When you received a call or an email asking you to shoot a wedding, the next step is arranging a sit-down meeting with the couple. A few questions are there to ask the couple about their likes and dislikes, so your final product will make them happy about hiring you as the videographer. OK, let’s straightaway go to the questions.

1) When, where, and who?: These are obvious questions to ask. Full names of the couple, all the locations, wedding date and time. Knowing the date and time is essential for you to plan your schedule in advance. Ask everything about what you have to cover. Knowing venue addresses would save your time on the wedding day. Knowing the time of the function is important to finalize what lights to use. If it’s an evening function, then you have to prepare yourself to shoot under low light conditions. Early preparation is the key to creating Great Wedding Videos.

2) Your budget and what package?: Be straightforward with your charges. As a videographer, you must have several packages, so the couples can select what they prefer. As a beginner, you don’t compete with reputable companies. Don’t charge what those industry experts do. Well, don’t be too cheap either. Be moderate with your package prices. Before introducing your package, ask the couple about their budget. Depending on their budget, you introduce them your packages. Well, some customers may ask for custom packages too. Be flexible with your charges. Make sure you give written quotes and invoices to every customer. What method of payment do they prefer? You can also offer a payment plan.

Wedding Videos

3) Type of coverage?: OK, if they booked a package, you know what to cover. If it’s a custom package, ask the couple what to be in the final footage and what not to. Some couples want just the highlights, but some want the whole day. If they want coverage beyond your package, the overall cost will go up. As a beginner, you can’t cover a big hall and a larger crowd yourself. Don’t hesitate to suggest a second videographer in such cases. I recommend you have a supporter, no matter the size of the function.

4) What type of edit and music?: Well, the couple may have already seen your Wedding Videos blog. If they have, ask them which ones they liked the most. As a beginner, you may not be a great editor. If it’s your story, leave the editing part to an expert. Good editing needs skills and good software. You must edit the footage depending on the style they preferred. Music is a great way to enhance the feelings. Again depending on the Wedding Videos style, choose the appropriate music. Well, you can ask the couple about their preferred music. Anyway, their selection might not suit the footage. Don’t hesitate to tell them your idea. OK, if they badly need it, then you do what they request. You don’t always have to use music for the background. Sometimes the speeches do wonders.

OK, friends. Let’s meet with part-2.

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