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Questions to ask couples before shooting Wedding Videos Part-2

I am back friends. Here’s the part-2 of “Questions to ask couples before shooting Wedding Videos”. In the last article, I stopped with question 4. Let’s begin with 5 so.

5) Any planned special moments outside of the ceremony?:

For a full-day coverage, you should know all about the day schedule. Know them in advance so you can prepare yourself well. Do I have to capture the bridal party morning tea? What’s the groom is planning to do in the morning? Any funny things and choreographed dances to capture?

Some couples consider Wedding Videos to be boring. Well, they were boring in the 70s, but not anymore. Today, Wedding Videos are full of features and because of the styles; videos are interesting to watch again and again. You can suggest the couple about something interesting. How about “Trash the Dress?” After the wedding, the bride jumps on around muddy puddles dirtying her wedding dress. Anything that makes the final footage more interesting to watch. Always tell your creativity to the couple. They might love your idea.

6) Any special items to capture?:

Will the bride be wearing her great-great grandmother’s earrings? Will the groom be wearing his grandfather’s cufflinks? A couple may have sentimental items to be in the final footage. As a professional videographer, you must ask these questions from the couple. They are too busy with planning the wedding, so they can’t remember everything.

7) Any other vendors booked?:

Well, as a beginner, you might not know everyone in the wedding industry. But, with time you will get to know other vendors such as photographers, wedding planners, DJs, and so on. When seeing those familiar faces, you feel more confident to do your job properly. You know the DJ and about their reliable sound sources. You know the rules of all vendors, so no hard times or arguments.

Wedding Videos

8) Exit or getaway planned?:

If there a grand exit after the wedding, you should plan the things in advance. Know the time of the exit, so you can prepare lights and so on. How do they get away? Just walking away, horse and carriage, or simply driving off. Take some shots of the car or horse and carriage.

9) Let’s give them a chance to question you. Summarize the meeting with the couple. They may have things to clear up. Be clear when you present them your service. Explain them about Wedding Videos. Don’t make them feel foolish for asking the obvious questions. While you may know everything about Wedding Videos, the couple may not.

Well, you don’t have to agree what the couple suggests all the time. If you realized that their suggestion would ruin the final footage, explain them carefully.

Some final words:

Creating great Wedding Videos needs dedication. As a beginner, you are still learning videography, so ask for professional advice whenever can. Always dress smart for a wedding. Knowing the rules of venues is a necessary. Places are there that you have to stay away from (especially in churches.) Sometimes you would have to sign a waiver (especially for church policies.) Some areas are there that you can’t use video lights.

Every vendor has rules because there’s a reason to set. Some venues may even ask for a Certificate of Insurance.

Dilek & Yalcin’s Cinematic Wedding Clip from Venus Films on Vimeo.

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