Questions to ask from IT Solutions Providers

IT Solutions Providers

Questions to ask from IT Solutions Providers

Whether your business is small or large-scale, IT solutions and support is necessary to reach goals. Tons of IT Service providers exists, which proves the importance of IT to the modern business world. OK, imagine you are starting a business, or getting your current business to the next level.

Well, then, you have to look for a top-class IT Solutions provider. You may already have an IT Support partner, but are they good? Is there a way to find a good service provider, or to find whether your current IT partner is the right one for your business’s growth? Selecting the ideal IT Solutions provider for your company is a tough job. Failures can put a business on its knees, so I am giving you some tips to get it right.

Creating an IT Solutions company shortlist:

Startups and small-scale business owners do not have much IT experience. If this is your story, hiring a “one-stop” IT partner is important. You can’t afford to spend more money by hiring 2-3 companies for each requirement. The IT service company you are considering should have resources to fulfill all your IT needs. Service includes software, hardware, and ongoing support.

Hiring a company that only does marketing wouldn’t be enough. Total IT Solutions cover all the areas within a business. Well, you can go on the Internet to look for solution providers. A “shortlist” would make things easy. If you have a friend who is a successful business owner, ask him for advice. Companies are there to provide ideal services for startups and small-scale businesses. Contacting such company would be a beneficiary in your case. At least contact 10 companies before hiring. Below is a list of criteria to look for:

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IT Solutions Providers* Strongly approved by friends and other customers.

* Having necessary Professional Certification.

* That company offers services to leading brands/companies.

* That company is in your area, so easily approachable.

Once shortlisted, arranging a meeting at their premises would be wiser than getting all the information over the phone.

Questions to ask from IT Solutions Provider: OK, now from the 10 companies you have selected 3. Now you want to find the best among them. Now it’s your time to interview them. Ask as many questions and make sure they are the company you should hire.

1) Do they have experience? You may need special support and service for your growing business. Can they provide what you want? The company you are interviewing should have relevant experience to fulfill all your IT Needs. If they failed the interview, leave them.

2) Individual Attention? A top-class IT Solutions provider would have hundreds of customers. They would provide a skilled staff member assigned to your business. Whenever you run into an IT related problem, you can talk to him, and he knows your company’s IT system.

3) Do they give training? Well, some research says, “90% of business users effectively use just 10% of their software capability.” If the company you are interviewing provides top-class IT Solutions, they would train your staff to be better.

4) Do they know the latest technology? IT Industry changes rapidly, so it’s important that they know the latest technologies.

Summation: Selecting a suitable IT Solutions provider is a challenge, but it’s a must. Hiring a one-stop service provider would save your money and time. Customer reviews give you a clear picture of the company you are considering. Ask for reviews from 2-3 of their existing customers and if possible, from past clients.

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