Removalists Melbourne: Top Things People Forget When Moving 

Removalists Melbourne: Top Things People Forget When Moving 

We all know that house moving is a very stressful event in our lives. Well, I am not going to talk about house moving stress in this article. What will we forget under horrendous house moving pressure? We, humans, are like that. I mean, when we are stressed out of something, we forget even the important things. Anyway, if you know what people often forget under house moving stress, you can try your best to avoid the mistake. And that’s why Removalists Melbourne is here to highlight the common mistakes. Let’s get started so.

1) Labeling boxes: It’s an obvious thing to do, but people forget it when they are stressed. It’s very confusing to move unlabeled boxes. Who knows what boxes to go where? Removalists Melbourne tip: Many methods are there to label the boxes such as color coding, writing, and so on. Use a permanent marker pen. You can number the boxes, also; write the name of the room where the box should go. It won’t take much longer to do it, but it saves a lot of time and confusion.

2) Forgetting the essential box: Now, what is an essential box? Well, it’s something that we often hear in the house moving industry. You have to have an essential box because you will need some items to get going in the new house such as toiletries, bedding, phone charger, and so on. Some movers call it the essential kit. Also, survival kit. It goes by many names. Anyway, all we have to say is that you need it to get going in the new house. At Removalists Melbourne, we advise customers to have it.

3) Decluttering: People move junks from house to house throughout their lifetime. Junks are the items that you don’t use anymore, but taking space in your home for no good reason. I don’t know why people keep these broken and damaged items in their homes. Either you repair them, or get rid of them for now and forever (broken furniture, kitchen items, clothes, electronics, and items in the back garden shelter.) Removalists Melbourne tip: Start decluttering your home at least two months before the house move. Then you will have enough time to repair or to get rid of the unwanted items.

4) Correct packing materials: What are correct packing materials? Correct packing materials are the ones that you have to use that minimize the risk of damage. Reputable moving companies such as Removalists Melbourne provide quality packing supplies for a reasonable price. You can’t use boxes you got for free from the local market to pack your fragile items. Bubble wrap is the best padding you can use for glassware. Using used boxes comes with the risk of cross contamination too. You don’t know what was in those boxes, and some reused boxes may harbor bacteria and parasites too. Removalists Melbourne tip: Never use reused boxes to pack your clothes and baby items.

5) Choosing the right mover: Yes, people often forget to hire the right mover. Either they hire a cheap mover or DIY it. Both will just waste your time money. Read articles on choosing the right mover in our blog. Well, now you can mark what is said here. So, next time when you move; you will not forget any. And that’s what Removalists Melbourne wants.

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