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How my role in Wedding videography Melbourne helps me predict if a marriage will last

 I’m a photographer with over a decade of practicing Wedding videography in Melbourne. Some of the weddings I am hired to shoot videos for are really what I call the happily ever after ones. Where two people have found their soulmates and they take their vows party and ride into the sunset for a happily ever after. Then again just sometimes the writing is on the wall that sooner than later the couple is hurtling towards Splitsville.

A lot of the time the bride and groom are not able to recognize trouble, but the professionals they have hired to help with the big day can often see the storm clouds in the distance. The hair stylist, the florist,  and the lens man in charge of wedding videography can more often than not tell. While our science may not be 100% accurate because time changes people let me as a wedding videography man around Melbourne let you in on some of the signs.


As a videography doing wedding videography I notice – if the bride and groom cannot agree about the placement and colour of decorations in the church or what music plays out as they go hand in hand for their first dance at the reception. Or how elderly parents and grandparents will be seated at the table chances are the disagreements on children and household finances may just snowball into something big. As a wedding videography expert in Melbourne I sometimes get to play counsellor as well and at that point, I tell the bride and groom to be more accommodating of the other because it takes two to make a marriage run.


 Now here is a big sign there is trouble in wedding paradise. Wedding videography in Melbourne allows me many a time to see the bigger picture. After all, it is my job to catch the bride and groom snatch an intimate moment when they are in the crowd of guests around them.

Too often these days I notice the groom is caught up with the boys and the bride has her girls friends sitting in a row playing snap chat or Whatsapp. For God sakes mates, let us take the pictures on your big day. I’ve been the videographer at weddings where for the whole duration of the ceremony and after the bride and groom are barely together for a few moments, maybe to take the vows. This is a bad sign you have to make time for your partner on this day, if you can’t make time now on your big day when will you?

The wedding videographer in Melbourne says, make it as personal and intimate as possible after all this day won’t come again.



I wonder with some couples how and why they got this far as a wedding videography expert in Melbourne I can see that the bride and groom are like chalk and cheese. Recently I was videographer at a wedding in Melbourne where the groom who came from a family of bureaucrats wanted the wedding to be a proper black tie affair whereas the bride a rocker chick with purple hair 2 nose piercing and a body full of tattoos wanted a Metallica style affair right down to the rock band in attendance .

I could see the graffiti on the wall spell doomed unless one of them changes radically and I could just picture the groom with his eyelash pierced and a tattoo on his wrist.

Compatibility is at the root of all good relationships and it’s not something you can build on easily so as the wedding videographer in Melbourne, chalk and blackboard is a good combo and cheese and crackers are a good set.

If you are not compatible, time to take time off and think hard. For as your wise wedding videography buddy in Melbourne, that’s me says you, let me make this picture perfect.

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