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How do you select the right mover? What should you consider before hiring any moving firm? Well, finding a mover in your local area is very simple, but finding the right Cheap Removalists Melbourne for your move is somewhat challenging. Nobody wants to be a victim of moving scams. This article explains how to move your home smartly and carefully.

1) Always arrange an on-site visit: Well, you can’t estimate the total weight of the items in your home yourself. Anyway, the representative from the moving company knows how to do it accurately. On-site assessment is essential for you to get an accurate quote. Also, you can get a good idea about the service standard of the Cheap Removalists Melbourne you considering. The representative will walk around the house with you assessing everything in it. Don’t hesitate to ask anything regarding their company and their moving techniques. Do this with 4-5 moving firms to compare the estimations.

2) No brokers and contractors: Many top-class Cheap Removalists Melbourne are there to hire, so why go through brokers and contractors? You can contact the moving firm directly. Moving business is flourishing, so the number of brokers and contractors is increasing. In between the deals, they earn commission from both the parties. Well, they say there here to help you, but they only work for the commission. I have heard stories about brokers helping scammers to steal customer’s possessions. Genuine movers prefer customers contacting them directly. In summary, you contact movers directly, don’t waste money and time on brokers and independent contractors.

Cheap Removalists Melbourne

3) Flat rates vs hourly rates: Here’s a tough decision to make. What option would you think is cheaper? Well, many genuine Cheap Movers Melbourne charge their customers hourly. Anyway, dodgy companies are there who delays the process to charge extra. So, if you don’t want to take any risks, always look for flat rates. A genuine and busy company completes the job as early as possible, even if they charge you hourly. I mean, it’s about finding the right firm.

4) Fixing a moving day and early preparation: If possible, fix a moving day in advance, so you can prepare yourself well. Doing everything at the last minute makes things a big mess. Keep your kids in one place or keep them at your mom’s house. Keep a list of items that goes into the new house. Cheap Removalists Melbourne staff work like machines, so you better prepare the environment for them. Early preparation is the key to lower stress and chaos.

5) Boxes and wrapping materials: While it’s always recommended to leave fragile items and antique packing to the Cheap Removalists Melbourne professionals, some items are there to pack yourself. You can get packing supplies from the local hardware shop or house improvement stores. Make sure you buy quality packing materials. For wrapping general household items, you can use blankets and even socks.

Some final words: Always make sure you hire a reputable moving company. Check for their licenses and authorizations. No brokers or contractors, please. Early preparation is the key to lower stress. Giving tips to the movers is a great thing to do. Please be generous to give cold water bottles to the moving staff or serve something cool.

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